Saturday, May 28, 2011

puppy love

One bad thing about living with someone is your bound to always get whatever sickness they have. Kevin gave me his cold, so the past day and a half we have both been bed ridden. But with that, there is an upside: you are sick together!! And you always have someone that will go and buy medicine and the medicinal miracle drink:

This is our go-to drink whenever we are sick.

On a more positive note, lately we have been talking about puppies. Who knows if we will get one, but we have agreed on a golden retriever if it does happen. When we were talking about puppies and dogs, Kevin brought up the movie White Fang. He told me the brief summary of the book/movie in 20 seconds. At the end of this, I was tearing up. Tearing up. Kevin thinks it was his awesome and emotional story telling skills, I blame it on the time of month. Kevin doesn't know if I would love a puppy and take care of it after a week, but I think that this here story shows my true love of dogs.

Friday, May 27, 2011

my dam shirt

After this hike, I forgot to wash my hair before work. That means I forgot to do my hair as well. So I went to work just. like. this. This was my welcoming from Kevin when I got home:

" Did you wear you that to work?"
"Yes Kevin, Yes I did."
"Did anyone say anything?"
"Nope, Kevin, my coworkers come to expect my hair a mess like this every day. It's really not a problem."

My tables probably wondered about me, but probably ended up thinking I really needed that good tip they gave me.

And I didn't get a comb as a graduation gift from my teachers in high school for nothin'.

To end this conversation my cute husband said:
"Well you look beautiful no matter what you do with your hair."
He loves me, he really loves me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the sailing

So on our last day, we wanted to go out with a bang; so we decided to try out sailing. We walked to probably 4 different hobby cat stations up and down the beach to try and find the best deal. We didn't find the deal we wanted, but I just told Kevin "Lets go for it!!!!" Because I was tired of makin' deals with the mexis. They are very stubborn people and so was my husband. He wanted 2 hours for $60, which 2 hours was not even offered, and which $60 was what they wanted for one hour. Boy can my husband bargain... We ended up getting 1 hour 20 minutes for $45, but then all we had was a $50 and the mexi wouldn't give us the $5 back, he just kept saying "tip, tip." Kevin was not happy about this. Kevin also did not want a tour guide to come out with us so he encouraged the mexi that he had one of these at home and has had no problem sailing it (he actually does have a tiny sailboat he made in wood shop). We even tried to be like "Oh no we don't have a watch, we won't know when to come back...." to try and give us a way out if we were late, but this didn't work. "Take mine," and the mexi gave us his watch. Darn it. Ok 1 hour and 20 minutes is all we got.

I was a bit nervous going out, but quickly realized that Kevin clearly did know what he was doing and we would be ok. It was amazing how much speed you could get on one of those little sailboats. It was Christmas morning to Kevin, he was hooting and hollering the whole time. As you would go out further and further, the ocean color would change colors, so every color change we would stop and jump in. We were so glad we brought a snorkel mask because the water was brilliantly clear. We stopped quite a bit out the first time and Kevin jumped in. I am not a big fan of deep, far out ocean, but Kevin insisted I jump in and see. You could see the perfect rolling sand bottom 30 feet down, and that was all you could see in all directions. It was amazingly pretty, but amazingly scary at the same time. I probably stayed in for a good 5 seconds and then hopped right out. I was just imagining this great big white shark coming out of nowhere. I deemed myself watchdog while kevin tried to touch the bottom. There were going to be no sharks eating my man!

We then ventured out farther and farther, way past the buoy they noted you couldn't go past. We wanted to go to Cozumel, or Kevin did at least. We ended up in the deep, dark ocean, the scary ocean you see in movies with huge rolling waves. It was scary, no really scary. I was screaming as we would literally catch air off the waves. Kevin was still hooting and hollering. He had never been in the deep ocean like this before, this was all completely new territory for him. As for me, this was not new. I was thinking about all the deep sea fishing and snorkel tours I had done that had left me a sea sick vegetable for the entire day. I again thought to myself "Why on earth do I keep allowing myself to go out on little boats in big water?" I get sick every time but I always seem to forget. I did feel the nauseous stomach coming on, but luckily it didn't stay with me.

After I talked Kevin into heading closer to shore, we headed to where all the scuba boats were. We stopped the boat and hung out and jumped in to swim with the fishies.

As we finally made our way back to the beach, the mexican was pretty impressed with Kevin's skills. He of course then told him that he should now take out their even faster, racing Hobbycat and pointed to one a little farther down the beach. So I guess next time we make it to Playa, we will be taking out the racing sailboat.

We did take GoPro footage of all of this, but the card is not wanting to upload onto our computers :( So maybe one day I will be able to upload them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

homemade cinnamon rolls

Making homemade cinnamon rolls is a big deal. Such a big deal that I even make it a HUGE deal. I could not believe they turned out. I could not believe they were so good. I rambled on and on how good they were the whole time we were eating them after church. Kevin finally had to stop me and be like "Ok now your just bragging Mal." Yes, yes I was bragging. But c'mon: homemade cinnamon rolls. Me. I made them. He still doesn't realize how great this is. I feel like I can do anything now!

I got the recipe for these Overnight Cinnamon Rolls on the Our Best Bites Blog. I dare you to go make them now! You will feel invincible.

I doubled the recipe for the glaze. And I would dare say you could triple it and be even more happy with these little babies.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Model/Skier. And not the other way around.

For some reason, Kevin got all giddy and screamed to me "Mal! Take some pictures of me, quick!" So I did. I didn't know he would start pulling out the model poses. Boy is he good! I think we made all the other Model/Photographer teams (and there were many) very jealous. Jealous enough that they all came up running to me after and asked "Where did you get him!?" and "Wow, your camera is NICE. You must be a famous photographer!" I just told them to get out of my way, I was busy photo-shooting.

Friday, May 20, 2011

who doesn't love an artichoke

When I was little, any time my mom cooked artichokes for dinner, she cooked one for her and my dad and one for me, Ty and Chels. This meant war. Who-could-eat-faster war. We would all eat as many leaves as we could, all the while complaining in between bites "Tyler, your eating more than me!" or "SLOW DOWN," while you were speeding your intake up. When it came down to the heart, the best part, I would always hope they would forget about it and I would get the whole heart. This rarely happened.
But now that I am all grown-up and the head-chef, head-grocery shopper, I bought me and my husband TWO. ONE EACH. It was really exciting.

How to bake an artichoke:
Set oven to 425.

Cut off stem, the top, and then trim the leaves.

Set artichoke on foil and dab it with olive oil where you place it. Put garlic in the middle of the artichoke, top with olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Wrap the foil around.

Set in a baking dish.
Bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

day seis

For lunch today we had to have our resorts shrimp ceviche again. But this time we shared. Cuz were cute like that.

So Kevin was sure that he would buy a Pina Colada everyday. He wanted to buy lots of drinks this trip. Well he is just a Big Talker. He got two. I got one. We just still could not fathom that those little drinks needed to be $4.50 each.

Here is the lovely newly-wedded couple. Both couples already had kids, so to me it wasn't as cool or exciting as a young-couples wedding. But still pretty nonetheless.
and here is the set-up for the second wedding.
And here is a quick tour of the pretty Mahekal grounds:

Best. Fish. Ever.
Some yummy chicken (my fish was waaaayyy better... :) )
Kevin loved all their ice cream; especially the coconut. This one was strawberry.
my choice of dessert. yumyumyum.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

take a hike

Last week the husband took all his brothers, and left me, to go skiing. He would rather hang out with the kids in tall-tees then with me. Well I hate to break it to ya husband, but I wear tall-tees ALL the time; they're called dresses.

So I decided to go and steal Benny for a hike. We had a pretty good time, possibly a better time than the boys. Benny got way too many compliments for a dog, and we witnessed a fat pug give completely up on the way down. You could just hear him say "Yup, I am done. No more." While the owners were trying to get him up with "Come on! It's only downhill from here!" So mental note to self, do not take a fat pug on a hike.

Monday, May 16, 2011

day cinco

Here I am all ready to go snorkeling. This morning we took some video on the gopro, but sadly the video isn't as good as we were hoping for. Once we are able to download them onto our computer, I will upload the best parts. It always happened that Kevin would have the gopro when I would see something cool like a sea ray "pretending" it was a rock (you didn't fool me) or two lobsters keeping their eyes on me, or me swimming in a HUGE school of blue fish. But then again, you probably wouldn't want to hear me screaming for joy the whole time I swam in that school. They adopted me as one of their own. It. was. awesome.

Kevin picked this little side cafe for lunch. The food reminded him of Ecuador so he wanted to try it out.
This is called Russian Salad. All it has in it is tuna fish, cooked potatoes, cooked carrots, mayo and pickled beets (this one didn't have beets). Kevin loved this on his mission. I have already made it for him since we have been back. I love the cooked carrots in it. They add a lot of yum to it.
We got to see two weddings at our resort. They were pretty, but I thought it was awkward how everyone on the beach got to sit and watch (ahem, like me) the whole ceremony. And its not like people would be quiet about it either, most people just went on about their weekend beach day playing and screaming in the sand and ocean. It just was not as private as you would have hoped for.
Soothing his poor heat rash with the worst aloe vera ever. Who puts menthol mint in a soothing gel? Dumb I tell you. It burned like crap putting that stuff on.

Chicken with mole
Seafood Rice