Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dinner sayings

Kevin got home from work and dinner was on the table. For some reason, he took off his pants right when he got home and just sat down at the table. I was going to ask him why but forgot when he started telling me about his day. Halfway through dinner he looks down and goes

"where did my pants go?"

I told him I was wondering the same thing.

"Oh boy do I feel sheepish" he says while he gets up to put on his pants.

Living with a boy is funny.

cool it renters.

We rent out the top area of our house, so we live in the basement. Don't worry its all walled off and we have a completely different entrance; so its not like we eat dinner with them or anything. Our renters are a young couple with a 2-3 year old girl and a newborn baby boy. Well this young mom is crazy. I think she might have Kevin's number on speed dial, and since her husband can't do a thing (or so it seems), Kevin gets a lot of texts and calls:

"What do I recycle?" (yes, she really asked kevin this)

"There are a few ants by my oven"

"Can you blow out your candle, it is giving me a headache"

"There is smoke up here" (haha this one was funny. We found that our BBQ outside was right underneath a vent that went straight up to the second floor, so everytime we BBQ...they got some smoked out. we laughed while we moved the BBQ)

"Your snow machine is falling off the trailer" (what? did you mean SNOWMOBILE?)

And many more I just can't think of any more right now.
Well tonight I was broiling some fish, and as many as you know, when you cook in a small area, things are bound to get a little smokey. Well it did and I opened our door to help air it out. But the smoke alarm still went off. I quickly ran over and tried to turn it off- which it did in less than 45 seconds. But don't you worry she text Kevin (who is usually always gone at work).
"The smoking alarm is going off and their is smoke in the house!"
Open a window.
Open your door.
Try to do something on your own.
Kevin feels like he has two wives. Poor guy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

hope I don't GET giardia...

We decided to do a snow hike instead of snowshoeing on Thanksgiving. Of course the trail was blocked and locked off, but did that stop us? No. Who says we can't enjoy a snow hike to a waterfall on Thanksgiving? No one (or so we think). The waterfall was really cool. It had iced over, yet their was still quite a flow underneath it. It was neat to watch it and listen to it.

Here is a video of the waterfall. It also shares a funny conversation between me and Kevin. I of course grabbed the biggest icicle I could find and started sucking on it. Right before he started recording, Kevin warned me I would get sick.

I know I know, I am like a little girl...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yep its that time. The Christmas Tree is already up and we both love it.
mal-made creme brulee for tomorrows festivities. I already ate one.
A happy thanksgiving from me
And a happy thanksgiving from me

I love this holiday season. I love Thanksgiving. I love stuffing and turkey, but mostly stuffing. I used to really love sweet potatoes, especially the candied kind my grandma made, but since I ate a sweet potato right before my last episode of the stomach flu, I can't even think of them without getting sick. Sweet potatoes meet Nutella, Nutella meet sweet potatoes.
Our plans tomorrow:
Go snowshoeing with just me and the hub
Eat yumminess with my family
Go and see Harry Potter (yeay!)
Come home eat some mal-made creme brulee, cake, and pie.
Its going to be good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I like her a lot

I used to get so annoyed with friends that would become obsessed with their nieces and nephews. They would have their pictures on their wallpaper of their phone, they would always talk about how cute and funny they were and I just wanted to be like "I honestly could care less about your nieces and nephews...Get a life!" But now look at me. I am in love with my little niece Hadley.
What have I come too?? I guess everyone goes through this stage. OH well. I love her. And I DO think she is the cutest and funniest little girl ever. But my other nieces, Alta and Ellie, come in a very close second.

But look at her in her pig-tails! She is turning into a little girl!

Monday, November 22, 2010

we are going to massachusetts..

...well a picture of us is:

We looooooved our wedding photographer. I still find myself looking through all my wedding pictures all the time. Im so happy with them. And I am so happy I am still so happy with them. For everyone that is going to get married...find yourself a GOOD photographer and SPEND the money. It is totally worth it.
Well this photography collection with us on the bottom is going to be displayed at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts! It got me so excited when I saw it that I had to share it with you.
Thank you Jason McGrew for being awesome!

Friday, November 19, 2010

this is magical

This doesn't make me a BYU fan. I am still a Ute fan through and through... BUT...this is just magical. I know a lot of people like to make fun of Harry Potter, and I think that is just sad. Who cares if you think Harry Potter is cool, this doesn't make you a nerd! I think reading a book that takes you to a magical place is awesome and sooo cool. My name is Malorie Brower, I love Harry Potter and I am a Mormon.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


S.W.A.G. (Stuff Wives All Get)
Check out my new swaaaaaagg. Smith sunglasses. I feel pretty cool when I wear them because they are Smith. Thank you husband for being a pro.

nuttella and deep sea fishing

ew ew you make me gag nuttella

Whenever I get sick, I always remember the meal I ate right before I got sick. My mind always associates that meal, usually one particular part of it, with sickness. For example, a good couple of years ago my family went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We decided that we had to try deep sea fishing. So the morning of our great adventure our friends brought this funky european spread, Nutella, for breakfast for all of us to try. We all spread it on some bread and were ready to fish. Well we head out to sea and I got soooo sick. So sick that all I could do to try and stop the pain was sleep. So I took some sea sickness pills and slept. Slept through most of the fun. I just remember waking up feeling the boat rock, and my stomach would guuuurrgle at me and I would go back to sleep. The pills finally did kick in and I luckily was able to fish one time. I caught a huge, I want to say 30 lbs (is that an over-eggageration?) mahi-mahi fish. It was a long fight to bring that bad boy in; but I won. It was a beauty too: bright yellow, blue and green. I remember I couldn't believe how pretty it was, and that I had caught it, but that was quickly forgotten when the first mate smacked the head of my fish with a bat. A bat. I didn't think to get out of the way, I mean I wanted to examine my fine catch, so I now had blood splattered all over me. I just sat and awkwardly stared while my dad chuckled. They had gotten used to this violence while I had been sleeping in the cabin.
So short story long, ever since this day, I have yet to even look at a Nutella jar. Just even thinking of it makes me sick. And that was a good 7 or so years ago. Sorry Nutella, you had no chance.

A few years later we went deep sea fishing again in Oregon. I honestly dont know what I was thinking. I simply must have completely forgotten about the previous time. That is the only explanation I have because I willingly went. I think I have a tendency to forget bad things that happen to me, which really is not a bad thing at all, but in this moment it was bad. I got even sicker this time. I slept the whole time. I didn't touch a fishing pole once. My family did a great job though, they caught coolers full of salmon, which luckily, they still allowed me to enjoy.

And a few years after that, my family went to Kawaii. We all decided it would be fun to go on a catamaran for a snorkel adventure. I willingly went on this too. Didn't even think twice. And what happened? I got sea sick. But this time, I had friends. Half of the boat was throwing up in a bucket that was quickly passed around. It just so happened that the day we went out, there were 50 ft waves running around. One almost took us out. When I finally got to step off of that boat I told myself Never Again. Never again will I put myself on a big boat, on the ocean.

But then, a few years after that we went on a cruise. Ha I am kidding I didn't get sick this time. But I did only remember my sea sickness ability once I stepped onto the boat, again.

So moral to my story is: Don't go deep sea fishing or catamaran snorkeling if you get sea sickness. It is not fun. But going on a cruise is A ok.
And second moral to my story is: Mom, Dad, when are we going on another family adventure?? I think its time!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shaky mal

I HATE public speaking. Notice I used bold and caps; that is how much I hate it. I know you are thinking "I know me too!" But no, you don't know. I suck at it. I can prepare all week, say a prayer or two, or ten, have everything I am going to say written down, look over my notes all day, and it will still go horribly wrong. It can only be 30 seconds in front of a class and It will still go horribly wrong. Today it was a 5 minute presentation. ALL day long I have had a pounding heart, sweaty palms, and sweaty armpits (don't worry I brought my deodorant to school with me today). And my presentation was at 3:00 p.m. So it was an anxiety-filled day to say the least. So what goes so horribly wrong you ask? Well right off the bat I start shaking. My hands, my legs, my BODY. I can't stop it. My voice gets shaky. I can't think. I just read. Uhh just thinking about it makes me sick, sick to my stomach. Its hard for me to turn the pages. Oh man I am so pathetic. All during my presentation I am thinking "I have other good attributes, I have other good attributes, I have other good attributes" to make me feel like I am not just a sore loser who makes a fool of herself in front of her classmates. Good thing I don't know anyone in the class. Good thing I only have three more classes with these classmates of mine. There is only ONE positive thing that comes out of this looser-ness: I always get an A on my presentation. And I know its because my teacher is like "Poor, poor girl, She really should have come to me and told me how horrible she is at this, I wouldn't have made her give her presentation.."
And I would like to think that there are other "shaky mals" out their, but I have yet to find any. Every single person I have watched in my whole college career, has done just fine. They don't get red in the face, if they shake its only slightly in the fingers, they don't have to read from their paper, they could be up their all day and not mind, and they hide their shaky voice. It just makes me want yell C'MON!! But then I just have to think, "I have other good attributes, I have other good attributes..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Kevin knows how to shimmy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

halloween (sorry, we didn't dress up)

I stole these from my sisters blog. Sorry Chelsey. Hadley was a cat for Halloween. She was so cute to watch waddle around in her fat suit. She was fascinated by the few pieces of candy she had in her little pumpkin carrier. She would sit, no squat, and pick the pieces out of her pumpkin, throw them behind her, then I would put them back in, and she would continue to pull them out and throw them behind her. I occupied her for quite some time doing this. And for some reason she loooooved her little fun-size pack of peanut M&M's. She had held that little package for so long that it was so creased you could barely even read the label on it.
My cousin Elder Zach Headman came home from his mission in the Philippines a few days before Halloween. I couldn't go and see him at the airport but I guess when Chelsey asked him if he wanted to hold Hadley (who he had never met before) he said that he was afraid of white people, especially white babies. So their he is just lightly touching her.. Missionaries are so funny. When I first got to see him, I gave him a big hug and all he could say was "Wierd! Your Married!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

you know its a bad day when...

You wake up, again, with the stomach flu.
Your renters complain about their oven not working, so your husband figures out the part it needs, but lo and behold there is only one left in the states...and what state is it located in?...HAWAII. so it will cost just $400 for shipping.
So we have to buy our renters a new oven.
Your husband gets a speeding ticket. Dangit, car insurance wont go down for a good while now.
You have the stomach flu, but you still have to take a test.
You have the stomach flu, so making food does not sound appetizing at all, but your husband needs to have some kind of dinner because all he had last night was a can of chili and almost passed out today while working.
You go to buy pizza because that is the only food you can think of that you could eat (besides saltines) that wont make you gag. (I know weird choice)
Your favorite pizza place, Bid Daddys Pizza, has closed. For good.
You drive to Costco and wait for a pizza. You are getting really hungry by now.
You bring it home and it smells soooo good. This stomach bug does not let you eat enough.
You eat one piece and that is all your mind and body will let you handle. It still smells good, and looks good, but imaging eating it now makes you gag. Dang it!
You now have to survive on hot chocolate. Its not bad though.

But you know...I think I did pretty darn good on that test. So that makes me happy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

watch Psych

Our favorite new series to watch on Netflix is Psych. Its hilarious, sometimes in a dumb way, but most of the time in a funny way. The humor on the show is great. I would recommend trying it out. You have to get to know the characters though; so don't say no until you have watched a few episodes. We also really like it because it is a good, clean show; hardly even a swear word. A rare find these days.

Monday, November 8, 2010


My cute cousin Kailey got married last saturday. I was excited to attend her sealing because I had never been in the Bountiful Temple. The last time I was up there was for my future sister and brother-in-law, Natalie and Jeremy's sealing. Me and Kevin were engaged at the time so I went up and watched Patrick (ha kidding) and Alta in the kiddie room during the sealing. But Kailey and Deely's sealing was beautiful and it reminded me about our sealing and how perfect it was.

After pictures we went out to eat at Wingers, yes Wingers. The ONLY good thing there are the wings. My parents always try something else and are ALWAYS disappointed. Stick to the wings.. I always bounce when I eat those wings; both Kevin and Tyler noticed.

We then drove home and got the food ready for their reception. We did fruit, chicken salad croissant sandwiches and chocolate & caramel dipped pretzels. We then had to drive all the way to Ogden. I mean where the heck is Ogden anyways? I honestly don't think I had ever been to Ogden before. And I don't think I will ever go again. I swear it took us 2 hours to get there. Well, the problem was we willingly listened to Chelseys' new navigator phone app. It probably took us the worst way possible. By the end Hadley and I were DONE being in the car. But we finally did arrive! We got all our food ready and were ready for the party to start. It went very smoothly luckily.

I also cut their wedding cake. My little cousin Megan walked by and went "Malorie, you are kind of awkward.." Totally a Mitchell comment. I just laughed. Hey, it was my first cake-cutting job. I was awkward. But I did it! And I gave people what they really wanted: BIG PIECES.

I love weddings. My favorite parts are watching their first dance, watching them cut the cake, and watching them leave. I love the exits!! I loved ours especially. Lots of our friends and family had stayed to watch us go and my dad gave us a firework show. It rocked. Oh and Kevins brothers tied a frying pan to our car.
So when they walked out and no-one followed out I was like WHHHAAAT!? This is the best part! Their was only a few of us out their while they made their getaway in their old awesome 1940's car. But I sat and waved and smiled and cheered as they drove off to their new life. What an exciting time. Just thinking of it gives me the shivers. I loved our wedding and honeymoon. I could do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
So obviously we are so excited for Kaily and Deely to join the married club!! I love love love them.

the little one is 1

We went to a birthday party. Hadley turned 1! Chelsey decorated her house so cute for it. Hadley got so many presents it was ridiculous. Me and Kev got her a stylin Raulph Lauren sweatshirt. It was darling on her. But when it came time to eat her cake...Hadley would have none of it. She put some of the frosting in her mouth and made this gagging noise that we have all found to be quite funny. She must not like the texture of things such as mozzarella cheese, egg whites, and white frosting; these all make her "gag" in her girly way of gagging.
She got a bunch of books for her birthday and she looooves books. Especially ones with dogs in them, she will say "doggie." She also loves my parents dog Zoe and is always saying "doggie" around her. I don't want her to outgrow this stage...she has the sweetest little voice when she tries to talk.
She suprisinlgy is not scared of Zoe at all. Shat started feeding Zoe some of her dinner last night and would let her nibble the food right out of her hand. She is fearless.