Sunday, December 19, 2010

they just keep on coming

I can't keep up with my husband. He is having pictures published left and right.

Kevin's parents happened upon this one of him while looking at coats on Markers website. We had no idea he was even on there. This has happened quite a few times where Kevin will go to some ski clothing company website and will randomly see a picture of him. Marker, your bill is in the mail.
My husband is so handsome.

Here is his latest magazine publishment:

saturday! saturday! saturday!

Saturday was a good day:

1. My husband gave me a fashion show of the clothes I bought for an upcoming family picture
2. I talked him out of going to work and spending the entire day with me
3. We both slept in
4. We hardly ever eat fast food, but, for some reason, I wanted chicken nuggets and he wanted a big mac. We walked in, but couldn't do it. We ended up eating lunch at Teriyaki Grill.
5. I confused the word faults for farts. me: "It was both our farts!" why do I confuse words so much...
6. The reason I said the sentence above was because I was blaming him for me unwillingly and accidentally telling him what his christmas present was again. Im really bad at keeping secrets and Kevin is way too good at the guessing game.
7. I got to crash planes over and over again at the hobby store (my husband is a remote control airplane geek)
8. We got to dream about buying a nice camera at Pictureline
9. Kevin bought our niece Hadley a dog toy for our little Christmas party. A shrieking monkey dog toy. And she liked it.
10. I got to watch my parents dance a duet on Wii's dance 2.
11. We got to go to a beautiful wedding reception at Le Jardin
12. We then got to snuggle, eat popcorn and m&ms and watch a movie together
13. And oh yeah, my husband bought me poinsettias. Husbands rock.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dating Stories #1

Our schedules lately have been completely opposite. Kevin has been working 12-14 hour days for a month and a half or so, and I have been doing school and working nights. We will get maybe a good two hours of face time. Two hours. And this is usually at 11:00 at night when we are both worn out. I get home, and right then he is ready and dying to go to bed. Me on the other hand is dead tired, but can't sleep because I have been running around all night and it takes me a few hours to wind down. Hence, me blogging at 1:30 in the a.m. Lets just say it hasn't been a fun last few weeks.

Ok enough of the boo and hoo.
Now on to a funny story:
I have some funny dating stories and I think this here blog is a great place to share them.

Funny Dating Story #1, Lets call him...Clay; because well, thats his real name.

I met Clay at an institute dance. Some of my friends were dancing with him and his buddies so me and my cousin Trista hopped on over. He started to talk to me, realized I was really funny (he told me this) and asked me out for ice cream that night. We went out with a bunch of friends and he just thought I was hilarious (his words not mine). Well the night ended, and he said he would ask me out again. School went on, 3 months passed, and he had tried to ask me out numerous times. I was busy juggling school (one word: CHEMISTRY) and never got around to saying yes to his requests. Until finally one day I did. It was on the weekend, and that weekend I was staying at my parents. So he came to pick me up...with a rose in hand. A rose. All you girls are probably going "Oooooohhhh how romantic and cute!!!" No, that was not my thought at all. What first popped in my head, I blurted out, and truly, rudely, meant it. "You shouldn't have..." So rude of me. I just thought it was a bit weird. I threw (kidding) the rose to my parents and told them to keep it alive and we headed out the door. He then told me where we were going: Boondocks. Oh man. To play video games. Oh man. And I am pretty sure that is all we did. I was pretty good at those games though I must say. I am sure he was impressed and added video game skills to my repertoire. When we had cashed in all of our tickets for nonsense and tootsie rolls, we headed out. We were completely surprised to walk out into a complete blizzard. Right when he saw the snow, I hear "Crap." And then I learned why: whatever kind of car he owned, sucked. We tried to get out of the Boondocks parking lot and failed miserably. We tried five or so times. I was getting worried I was going to be stuck with this guy, in a parking lot, in a blizzard. Every guys dream. I didn't want him to get any ideas so I cheered him on to try and try again! We finally got out, and I probably let out a sigh of relief. The little drive back to my house went great until we came upon my neighborhood. There is this little hill when you enter my parents neighborhood that is horribly, horribly slick when it snows. You have to hit it fast and at a right angle to make it ( I have learned with my little Jetta). Well his car would not have any of it. I was just about ready to jump out, say "Thanks for a great night!", and run home, when a brilliant idea came to Clay. He was going to get out and push the car, while I stepped on the gas and steered. So I hop in the driver seat, and he pushes. It actually worked great! The car started to move, it slowly gained traction and we were on our way! The only thing was, it was just me, not we. He was still outside, now running with the car. I yelled "What do you want me to do!?" He replied with "Just keep GOING! Don't STOP!" So on I went, driving his car, without him. Oh it was so funny, I was laughing then, and I am laughing now. He finally caught up, opened the passenger door, and hopped in. But then we had arrived to my parents house. Hallelujah. I thanked him for such a great night (oh there was teeny bit of sarcasm) and he replied with a kiss on the cheek. Ew. I just remembered that.
He then continued to try and ask me out again, but I just straight up told him I wasn't interested. I told him he was a great guy, but there was nothing there for me. I thought this was what guys wanted to hear: truth, honesty. Thats what they always said atleast, but this guy didn't take it too well. He got quite angry with me.
The next day, my Facebook account was shut down because someone had reported it. Coincidence? I think not.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I rocked it

yes, I totally rocked my finals this semester. well, so far. I have gotten two grades back and one was a 95%!!!!!!!!!! and one was a 98%!!!!!!! I think those scores define rocking it. I am so proud of myself.
I will let you know if I continue to rock it when I get my other two grades back.

You may be thinking, "Wow she is a smarty pants" (just go with it). No I am not. I can be quite dumb with school sometimes. I can totally rock the exams, but be completely and irresponsibly, forgetful with assignments. I always have a few assignments each semester that I forget to turn in, forget at home, forget to do...etc. For example: this semester. I forgot to turn in a case study and completely forgot to take an online quiz. Now I had valid excuses. For the case study, I had to leave the second class of the semester early for work and totally missed my professor explaining these so-called "case studies" to everyone. None-the-less, you can't make up that kind of shiz. And the quiz, I was so caught up in the homework and studying early for the test, I forgot all about the quiz. stuuuupid, you see? And these are worth good points. This is what keeps me from getting A-'s or B+'s. I always get B's. But you know I am A O.K. with getting B's. A's are for gays. And for those who have better memories. And for those who are smarter.

Now onto my last semester. Only two more classes until I graduate!

Monday, December 13, 2010

dinner with my girlies

Mari, Megs & Me @ Macaroni Grill (Photo taken on my Dad's phone) Why do I always run into my parents at random restaurants? It is always unplanned but happens quite often. This time I took advantage of it and had them take a picture of us.

Tonight I got to see my girlies Mari and Megs! We try to do dinner every month, but our schedules rarely work so it ends up being every 2 months or so. We chat the WHOLE time NONSTOP. Its like we don't even breath.
It all started in 8th grade at Churchill Junior High. I was the loser who had NO friends. I had decided to go to Churchill instead of Indian Hills Middle school for soccer. I was passionate about soccer and wanted to play for a school and Indian Hills didn't offer that. So I traded my friends for soccer. And since I am very shy; that meant two whole years of Junior High with no friends. Oh boy were those two years hard. But then out of no where, Mari wanted to be my friend. She invited me to sit with her and her friends at lunch (I always sat alone). I obliged but never said a word. So then came along 9th grade. We ended up having Mr. Petersen's Geometry class together and I don't know what changed in me, but I completely came out of my shell, asked Mari to sit by me, and we became best friends. We then became friends with Megs (the popular cheerleader), Whitney (the spaz), and Jennifer (the mature one). We were all inseparable. 9th grade and my senior year in high school were the best years of my young schooling life. Me, Mari and Megs have maintained our great friendship all throughout these years even though we have all done our separate things. I am so grateful for them and their friendship to me! I wouldn't be who I am today without you two! Mucho lovooooo!

she loves me

This girl is so cute. But the best thing about her is that she thinks that I am so cool. I hope this continues so I am always her favorite aunt.
She can now say "Doggie", "Ruff ruff ruff", "Mooooo", and a sound that sounds kind of like a lamb. You go "Baaaahaaahaaa" and she makes a really ugly choking sound. But hey, its something.

Monday, December 6, 2010

finals week

its amazing how life still goes on during finals week. this semester is always the worst with the hustle and bustle of christmas time starting. i have two finals tomorrow, one wednesday, and then one saturday. today was my prime study day (I retain the most information when I cram everything the day before) but I can't study unless:
I shower and get ready (this may be a surprise to my family...but look at me I am so hygienic now!)
the room in which i study in is spotless. so I had to clean the front room/do the dishes/vacuum/clean the kitchen counter
make sure there is food in the fridge to eat for lunch and dinner. so i had to go grocery shopping and stock up

and then i studied
and then i realized there was no ink in the printer. so off to costco to go to wait in line forever and then wait 3 hours to pick it up
and then darnit, i had to actually put the roast and carrots and onions in the crock pot

and then i studied
and then i had to eat dinner/clean up dinner

and then i studied
and then i realized i still had to make 3 cheesy potato casseroles for the christmas relief society dinner tomorrow night. so i peeled, chopped, mixed, and combined
ran to the store to get the forgotten, but important, corn flakes and cream of mushroom soup. and then covered, marked and refrigerated.
and then i realized i had to blog to help settle me down and me get ready to study again.

and then i studied

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a lost art: I am so bugged I will blog about it.

Thank you cards. I think these need to make a comeback. When I got married, my invitation package came with thank you cards. I didn't even think twice about them. I just knew that, after your wedding, you write thank you notes to everyone that came/helped/and/or brought you a gift. The day after we got back from our honeymoon, and the day after we opened all our presents, I sat down and wrote thank you cards. Yes, it took some time, but It felt great to write out my appreciation to everyone. Well the past 4 weddings, and 2 baby showers I have been too; I have received not one thank you card. I have been bugged about this. I think that if people take the time to pick out a gift and show their support at a reception or a shower, you need to acknowledge this. I am not saying I don't like these people any more, lets just say I think they are lazy. And it worries me they didn't even get the gift. So C'mon people, write thank you cards again.

a friday night with the browers

A typical friday night for us:

Fongs Chinese for dinner. We go here a lot. I am not sure if it is a good thing that the owner knows us and says "It's good to see you again!" It might be a fat move on our part. Oh well. We really like the sesame chicken and sesame beef.

And then we are totally content, and excited, to just come home and spend the rest of the night inside.

Kevin plays with his new seasons ski boots. I cant believe he thinks $180 UGG boots are ridiculous. His ski boots are $800.
Good thing he is sponsored so they are free. Why can't UGG sponsor me? It would be a great move on there part I think.
Kevin is typing an email sooo slow; so I tell him. He challenges me to a typing contest. I totally kill him! He didn't believe me when I told him I was the second best typer in my computer class my sophomore year. Second only to an Asian (so of course he would be first).
Kevin got 48 words per minute...
And I got 81 words per minute
Then we set up a fort, furnished with sleeping pads, pillows, and lots of blankets, in our living room/kitchen room area and watch a movie.

Friday, December 3, 2010

its an UGG life

size 8

size 7

I am selling two pairs of my UGGS!
The dark amber/orange colored pair is $50. Perfect condition, they are just too small for me. I probably have only worn them twice. They were normally $140.
The pink pair is only $20. They have been worn a little bit more, but are still in good condition. I just don't like the pink as much. These were normally $120.
I have listed them on KSL as well, so if you would like to purchase them, let me know!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

conversing with hippies

I work with some hippies. I really do like them and enjoy working with them, but they can be funny at times. It seems like every hippie (and liberal- these two go hand in hand) I have met, they really like to talk. They like to talk about their adventure that day, this inspiring book they are reading, what they did that day to help the earth, how "green" they are, and what they are organically growing in their garden.
These hippies everyday at work ask "What did you do today?" My answer is always "Went to school, did homework." Pretty lame to them. I of course (have) to ask them back "What did you do today?" (And this is actually awesome of me because I usually lack the easy and every-day social skills such as asking "How are you?" and "How was your day?" Because honestly, I really don't care. Everyone just says good or great and thats the end of it. So if I don't ask you these questions next time I see you, I am sorry. If you have something exciting to tell me, don't wait for me to ask about it, just tell me)
Well these hippies of course always reply with:
"Well I woke up to a beautiful snow-filled day and decided to take my dog Sandy on a walk, we enjoyed our walk, we enjoyed it so much we decided to give back to the earth and pick up trash on our walk. I then decided to make some cookies with some organically enhanced butter. They were delicious. I then decided to go para-gliding. I then came home to some homemade chili cooking in the crock pot. I then read this book that is so inspiring and liberal. I then watched a 45 min movie about a seagull flying through the air and listened to his thoughts in poem form. I am so hippie and sophisticated."
You may think I am kidding about some of these, but I am not.
Next time they tell me such stories I will one-up them. If they picked up trash on their walk, I volunteered that day and picked up trash all over campus. If they made cookies with organic butter, well I made cookies with organic flour, organic sugar, organic salt, actual cocoa beans, and organic butter. If they went para-gliding, I went flying. If they made homemade chili, I made beef bourguignon (which I really do need to make), If they read an inspiring, liberal book, I read Dreams From My Father, and if they watched a poem movie about seagulls, I will just say you are dumb.