Friday, March 25, 2011

the best new roast w/ red wine

ok so my job has a lot of cool extras: the cook makes us dinner every night before work. and these aren't no rice and beans meals. these meals are gooooood. we get salmon, scallops, clams, pork, steak, chicken - anything we serve, we eat. and because, duh, our cook is good, even the employee meals are good. well since I am such a great wife, and hate to waste food, any of the leftovers I box and take home. husband is especially appreciative of this. he gets to partake of my gourmet meals as well.
well sometimes a table will have leftovers. no, gross, I don't box my tables foods; I take home their leftover wine. no, I don't drink it. and no this isn't gross; the wine bottle never touches anyone hands but mine. i un-cork it, pore it, and re-pore it when necessary. well sometimes my tables get ambitious and buy two bottles of wine. some tables can handle it, some can't. when there is leftover wine, no way do we throw it away. most of the other servers take it home or drink it after work. i take it home to cook with. i took some home thursday night and got excited to use it, so I made a roast for tonight. and let me tell you, this roast was the best roast I have ever made. perfectly tender and perfectly moist. and don't worry, all the alcohol cooks out! i cooked it in my slow cooker on high for a good 4-5 hours. this takes out any alcohol.

heres the best recipe:

2 tb flour
2 tb olive oil
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup red wine
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp marjoram
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground pepper

heat the olive oil in a skillet. cover flour evenly on roast. brown roast on all sides, it will take at least 10 min. add to crock pot, then add water and red wine. cover with the seasoning. arrange onions on roast. add carrots and potatoes. cook on high for 4-5 hours.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

two years

We celebrated our two year anniversary on monday! 3/14/2009 was the date it all went down. We cannot believe that it has been two years! It has honestly gone by so fast. Marriage is awesome. My most favorite part is that I would rather hangout with Kevin, even if I am mad at him, than anyone else. Before I met him, I would get sick of people pretty quickly. But that was before I met him. I am so excited to see what the future holds.

Ok enough sap.. you just want to know what we did don't you?!

Well Kevin had a ski race last saturday and totally rocked it! He won first place and won $100. He always wins money at the perfect time. So we put this money towards our anniversary celebration.

Well I had school and Kevin had work until 7:00, so throughout the day we would call each other and ask "How is your anniversary going?"

When he finally came home, I gave him his anniversary card. I am really good at writing cards. I might have made him tear up a bit one time. But this time, I used this personal and sentimental moment to get back at him. You see, he loves to tell both our families that we are expecting in the most awkward situations. I then have to quickly clear it up and see the disappointment on their faces. So now when the day actually comes to tell our families, they won't believe us. It is going to be so anti-climatic.

Well in this anniversary card I started talking about how good a dad he was going to be. And I was so excited for that day to come. And then I said.....SUPRISE!! Your going to be a daddy!!
You should have heard him gasp. And his face go red. And then he read the "kidding" part of the card. BIG sigh of relief. Oh I got him so good! I was so proud!

We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Classy. We know. But (besides my dad's) they have the best prime rib in town. And rolls + butter. And house salads. I really love everything there. We even splurged and got drinks. It was awesome. Not even our waiter that sat at our booth with us and pretty much wanted to hang out with us ruined our awesome night.

Kevin then wanted to buy me a little gift at REI (All night he was saying "this is your anniversary baby!" ha), but we always seem to go to REI when they are closing. We never have enough time there. Raincheck please?

Then we went to see a REAL movie! We decided to see Adjustment Bureau. We even bought popcorn. I love movie theater popcorn. And I always new it was expensive, but I was thinking like $4 a bucket. Ha! They wanted to sell me a handful of popcorn for $6 or a large for $7. Losers. I bought the bucket, but made them put extra, extra butter on it. But for that night, it was sooo worth it. We licked it clean. And oh yeah, the movie was good, we both really enjoyed it. Expensive movie theaters are always a treat.

And that was that! Two years. Done!

(And sorry for the lack of pictures lately, Kevin always leaves our camera at work)

Friday, March 11, 2011

baby tending

I got to watch this little guy today. A girlfriend in my ward is the proud owner. I got to watch him for a good 5 hours, so I got to see a tiny glimpse of motherhood. Very tiny. Husband came home so we could all go to lunch. I was a little nervous taking a 6 month old in, but he did awesome and frankly, we did awesome posing as the "parents". He just sat and stared at husband; he loved him. Babies can get quite infatuated with him. They can be crying, I hand the baby to husband, and they stop. He is going to be a good dad! Can't wait. Yes I can.

*This is not an announcement.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"you are the most inconsiderate bed partner I could have ever found"

This is what my husband said to me today.

Only because:

I had really cold feet. I always have had really cold feet, he knew this in the beginning.
I was breathing really loudly because I had/still have a yucky cold.
I was eating kettlecorn in bed that I had home-made, and I was so excited because it was really good. This made for an even louder, cold-strucken, open-mouth-eating mal.
But he was the one that wanted to watch a movie in-bed. This means midnight snack is in-bed too.
He chose the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind. I hate alien-related stuff; but I also kinda love it. My mind makes me believe there are real aliens out there. And if I watch this kind of movie right before bed, I know I am in for a good night of an alien-abducting-mal nightmare. So when he falls asleep, what do I do? I turn this alien nonsense off and turn on a show that I like. But this wakes up husband and he gets annoyed.
I guess I hog the bed.
And I was sneezing all night.

I am so meeeaaaaan!