Monday, June 27, 2011

my malt man

My family loves making malts on sundays. It was only recently that me and kev realized that we didn't have to wait until sunday for this goodness. So I went and bought malt. And now we make them so often it is sick. But not really, because they are not sick at all. They are heaven.

So kevin is now appointed the malt man of our household.


Costco Vanilla Ice Cream (Sorry yes, this is the ONLY ice cream that works. Not really, but in this household it is)
Malt (And you will want to add a lot of this)

the day we stole our baby

This is our future baby. Kevin was this fat when he was a baby (hooray!) and she has my cheeks.
Should she be ours?
But that is ok, we will just make our own.

We headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to check out the massive amounts of snow still in the mountains and to make a mountain baby out of Ellie. She loved it. She loved the hike, she loved the car ride.

There are so many beautiful (and huge) waterfalls up this canyon
Boy can this baby eat. This is me telling her to slow down and save some for me.

Sooo check out those cheeks of mine. My cheeks are so big that when I smile, my sunglasses get pushed up. We are twins!

Can I just say this picture makes my heart melt?

A lady stopped us on the trail with a "ohhhhh how cute! How old is she?!!" I could tell Kevin was quickly going to reply with a "Oh she's not ours..." But I didn't want my fantasy of her being mine to end, so I quickly butted in "Oh she is a whole year old" with all the motherly adoration I could show. It worked.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

st. george: day 2

We decided to start this day right with some tennis. Why does tennis always look easier than it actually is? I forget this every time I play. But then I start grunting like the pros and the pro-like abilities come fast.

Day two was a lot hotter. Maybe 20 degrees hotter. So the adventures on the "scooter" for day two wore me out fast. We still were out for a good four hours though. But that was pushing it. We will just say that I am a fantastic wife.

And I have a "scooter" hickey on my collarbone from the seat belt.
Thank you scooter.

I am loving my new sandals. I am told I have a lifetime guarantee on these bad boys. Awesome. Kevin thinks they look a little silly because of my short stubby toes that cause the sandal to look like they are too big. It bugs him so bad that he is going to sand down the front of them for me so they look "normal" and meet his my-wife-must-have-cute-looking-feet-standards.
Kevin got his yearly new shoes down here. And when I asked to take a picture of them, this is what he decided to do with his feet. cute.
I have an awesome husband that would do this for me. We just had to do it.

We finished our night with some studying of the globe, Bajio for dinner, and of course the hot tub.

Now if your wondering what razoring for 10 hours will do to your hair, here you go:
"scooter" made dreads. booyah. no I did not wash my hair at all, psh, who has time for that on vacation...

the "scooter" : day 1

We went to St. George for a little romantic getaway: just the two of us. We definitely have Mark and Lorna to thank for providing such a beautiful and awesome vacation home to make these little trips possible! So thank you!!

Kevin was so excited to play on the "scooter," Like, I-don't-think-anyone-understands-how-much-he-loves-this-"scooter" excited. Our first day out, we spent five hours playing on that thing. Five hours. Five hours of cruising through trails and playing at the sand dunes. Within these five hours, Kevin alloted us 13 minute lunch break and a quick jumping in at the sand hollow reservoir. I told you, he is serious about this razoring.

You really can't understand how fun these can be until you ride one. I will just leave it at that: you need to ride and drive one of these bad boys. The speed and handling of anything and everything is impeccable.
And I sound like a total nerd.
Moving on.

For dinner we went to the lovely In-N-Out.

For a post dinner activity we decided to try out our patience and skill with rabbit catching. These little guys were everywhere; or so it had seemed. Right when we had set up our bucket/carrot trap they all ran away and never came back. We still tried to wait. Kevin was better at it than me. I gave up pretty quickly. My dream of holding one of those furry rabbits and keeping it as "the St. George pet" were quickly crushed.

Check out the anticipation on my face. Rabbit hunting was not as fun as I made it look.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing in the hot tub.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

to dad

Happy Fathers day to the best dad out there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pineapple Fried Rice from The Wild Rose

*I changed the ingredients to the sauce!

The restaurant I work at has this incredible fried rice. They serve it with Marlin- which is seared rare-which I cannot imitate (I mean where do you buy marlin?). But I did want to try and imitate the rice. So I asked Carlos for the recipe and viola! I still need to figure out how they make their sauce so sweet and savory; I'm thinking a lot more honey. But I didn't want to waste a lot of honey if it didn't work out. But here is the recipe, I am still going to try and tinker around with it more. I'll probably ask for specific instructions on how to make the bomb sauce.

Pineapple Fried Rice

cooked Rice
red bell pepper, diced
red onion, diced
green onion, diced
carrots, slivered
chopped pineapple
chopped cilantro
eggs (fry these first in EVOO)*

For the sauce:

vegetable stock (I only had miso paste for miso soup on hand, so I basically used miso soup instead of this)
soy sauce
brown sugar*

Just heat the sauce until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sometimes I get scared. I guess.
He's really good.