Monday, December 21, 2009

the many faces of hadley

diaper cream staches are so in right now

she is just the cutest thing. I love you hadley!

some recommendations

I love Costco. And probably the main reason for this love is the books. Every time I go to, I spend at least 20 minutes reading the backs of all the books. And then I spend another 10 minutes picking one book out of the five I have in my hand. Its quite the task. I chose this one for my first week on break. It is about the Japanese Internment camps, and how they effect this little chinese boy, Henry. Its well written and is a hard book to put down. I would recommend it to all.
I loved this book, and loved the movie even more! They did a fantastic job on the casting. Meryl Streep is a perfect Julia Child, and if you don't believe me, watch this movie then watch some episodes of Julia Child's cooking show. Me and my husband did just this and couldn't believe the resemblance. And if my husband liked this show, I am sure many will like this show.
One day I will cook Boeuf Bourguignon.
I had a dream that I made it and it smelled wonderful.

A shout out

So I have to brag about how big time my husband is. So kevin is a Pro-Skier. Really. He has been published in skiing magazines and Outdoors magazine. He was in Atomic's 44 days ski movie. He has sponsors for everything, and is always getting everything. At the beginning of the season he gets box after box of the latest and greatest of goggles, beanies, shirts, and jackets. I thought being married to a pro-skier meant I would get all sorts of S.W.A.G (stuff wives all get) but I guess they don't like sponsoring the wives.
He grew up ski racing. He raced for Snowbird ski team and loved it. A year before his mission he decided to go to the "dark side" and took up freestyle skiing. Well this past weekend he decided to tryout racing again in the Masters with his father Mark, and sister Natalie. He was a little bit nervous the night before, knowing that he hadn't trained for 8 years. I knew he would do great though and was excited to hear how it went. The first run he fell and had to hike (this is where if you fall pass a gate and don't go around it the correct way, you have to hike back up to do it correctly; I just learned this too). He was a little bummed and thought he had lost his technique, so he took a few runs to figure what he had done wrong. He last run went perfect and he cleaned out everyone! He got the best overall time of the day, beating the fastest time by 3 seconds. Everyone could not believe that this Kevin Brower appeared out of nowhere. Kevin received 1st place in his age group, 21-29, and received 3rd place overall!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree!

My wonderful sister and brother-in-law will gave us their old christmas tree. It is so darn cute and perfect. Yes, some of the lights aren't working, but it gives it style. My favorite part is that our stockings are our only ornaments! But I love it, love it. It makes us both so happy every time we walk in and see it. It feels like christmas now!

A Christmas of Un-Suprising Gifts

I've never been good at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to presents. When I was little I remember buying my sister a watch for christmas that I was so excited to get for her. On christmas eve I was pointing out all the presents and saying who's it was and who it was from. When I got to Chelseys present, I blurted out "And here is Chelseys goofy watch from me!!" Chels didnt like that too much.

Well this year I decided to get Kev an XBOX 360. This is funny because kevin never thought he would own or ever want to own an XBOX. But we have my brother Tyler and brother-in-law Will to blame. They both have XBOX 360s and XBOX live. Every sunday they love gaming, and kevin has been practicing. When tyler got the new Call of Duty modern warfare, he fell in love. I decided to try it out and I got hooked too. So I found a great deal online and ordered it. I was truly hoping it would get here later rather then sooner because I knew once we got it, the secret would slip. The package came only 4 days later. And that was when it was opened and first played. (We had to make sure everything worked, right?) There was no way that I could have kept the secret until christmas. When I told him he was so excited! We went out that night to buy me a controller so we could both play.

Well as you can see he loves it...

Kevin also is bad at keeping secrets. He wanted to buy me a ski jacket for christmas. He got to excited and ordered it too early just like me. Even the day before it came in the mail he told me my christmas present was on its way. He did an awesome job picking it out! I love it so much and am super excited to wear it skiing.