Tuesday, August 6, 2013

pregnancy: 34 - 40 + weeks

34 - 40 weeks

My favorite part of pregnancy has been these weeks.  I have felt great, better than I have throughout my earlier weeks.  And I show so everyone knows I am pregnant now.  Sometimes I even forget I am pregnant and startle myself when I try to get out of bed or get up too quickly. 
My energy levels have been the best so far.  I don't get nearly as many (if any) side aches or joint pains while walking or hiking now.

The only thing that has been bothering me is my right foot/ ankle/ calf.  It swells up if I don't take care of it.  I have noticed 4 things that have helped reduced the swelling: 
1)lemon in my tea or water 
2) raspberry leaf tea 
3)walking/ hiking 
4)compression socks. 
I will be forever grateful when I get my skinny ankles back :)

Since week 37 I have stayed at about 80% effacement, no dilation.  Its been pretty frustrating going every week expecting a little change, and seeing none.  It was especially hard at my 40 week appointment.  We ended up setting up an induction date for one week later (August 12), and I am hoping I naturally go into labor before that.

I know I will really miss this cute belly of mine.  I have loved feeling this crazy baby move.  He has just gotten more active as we both grow.  The hiccups were adorable.  I had those from about 33 weeks or so to 38 weeks.  He rarely gets them now, which to me means that he is growing and has things figured out in there :)  
Thinking of all this has really helped me not be too bummed out he is not here yet.  
I am cherishing this special just me and him time.

37 weeks
Hike with the babies, belly and sister-in-laws to Cecret Lake.

37 weeks
Baby shower for my best cousin Trista.  In this picture she is 26 weeks along with a boy as well.  I hope they get to be pals just like us.

Swimming laps at 38 weeks.  Its amazing how awesome I felt.  This big belly didn't make a difference in my endurance or technique.  It was funny to feel him kick and hiccup almost during the entire swim.

38 weeks

Me and Kev decided to combine two things that we each love, him: free-diving, me: hiking.  So we have been hiking to different lakes.  This was a good 3 mile, pretty strenuous hike up to Twin Lake.  This was awesome for my right foot swelling :)