Saturday, April 30, 2011

over and out

We are heading out early tomorrow for our much-anticipated vacation.
I probably won't be able to sleep tonight. I get too excited for big trips that involve going to the airport.
I did pretty much all the packing. And for good reason. I handed Kevin our cash that we are taking and our passports (probably the two most important things) to put away in his backpack. I decided I would do a look-over his carry-on and lo and behold no cash or passports. He left them in his first backpack he started packing in. MY GOODNESS. What would the men in our lives do without us?!

We will all see you in a week!
Much love.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

its about to get a whole lot better

This just came in the mail today:

This blog (hopefully) is about to get a WHOLE lot better. More pictures, more QUALITY pictures.
Now I just need to learn how to use it... good thing I don't have homework anymore!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

done with the college chapter in the book called "Life of Mal: Being Mal"

Finished my last test today. And I would hardly call it that. I was a little bit stressed out about this oral test, made sure I reviewed a lot of the articles that were required during this course. But it turned out, rather than an oral test, we had a party and played jeopardy. We still had to participate, but boy oh boy was it much easier than I had anticipated.

It was weird thinking "this is the last time I will be walking to class", or "the last time I will work out in the field house",or "last day I will be called a 'student'." Oh crap what do I say now when I need an excuse for anything? I can't use, "Sorry, I can't make it I have to study, or I have class that night, or just I am a student that should be explanation enough. I am going to have to find a better one now.

Hopefully this will take some stress out of my life. I know it will. I am not saying I have a lot of stress, because my life is as good as it gets right now, but it will take out all that "student stress" that you seem to always have when you are going to school.

Well, I think with graduating, all of this stuff needs to be had:
The first one being for my parents of course. For both of their cars.

Well what is the next chapter in Life of Mal: Being Mal you ask?

Here are some options:

Monday, April 25, 2011

its getting close!

Were coming onto just a week before our vacation! Weeee soooo exciiiited (hopefully you have heard that song...actually no, hopefully you haven't).
I now have only one more thing to check off my list before I graduate:

one oral test

and thats all! Holy cow.

So of course everyday I am looking up info and pictures on Playa del Carmen. And I just found out the coolest thing. It is home to the SECOND LARGEST barrier reef, next to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. No wonder it was unreal snorkeling there. I am getting chills just thinking about it. We are going to try and snorkel it every morning since its literally right off our beach.
Some fun facts:
This reef is called the Belize Barrier Reef and is home to 500 species of fish and hundreds of invertebrate species.
Researchers say they have only researched 10% of the reef. They estimate that only 10% of the species have been discovered.
It runs on the coast of Cancun (through Playa del Carmen) all the way to Belize.
I hope to see lots of these:

And none of these. Pretty sure I would pee my swimsuit if I came upon this guy:

But I do want to see Kevin come upon one of these. He got extremely scared last time. I was laughing so hard I started choking and had to go up to breath.

Monday, April 18, 2011

streamers and binkys

I always have the best birthdays. My parents trained me from day one that my birthday was a BIG DEAL. Growing up, we usually were in Carlsbad, California with all of the extended family on and around my birthday. We would go to Disneyland, Legoland (for Tyler), the Carlsbad flower fields, get fresh strawberry shortcake, go outlet shopping, and of course eat at Harbor Fish. I just grew up thinking, heck, my whole extended family loves me so much they all come to California to be with me and celebrate with me. Well, as everyone grew up and times-a-changed, we slowly stopped doing this tradition (even though Kev took my two years ago to spoil me).
Now that we don't go to California, my parents have to make up for it (or so they think). So right when me and Kevin walk through the door Sunday on my birthday, I am greeted with "Suprise!" and my dad throwing streamers at me. And I get big hugs. And I see that streamers are wrapped around everywhere: the staircase, my birthday chair at the dinner table, and around the chandelier. I am so loved. There was even enough for me to make myself a birthday sash.
So we started the day with Monopoly. Remember my wish before? Well they agreed. I started with $3000 and never had to go to jail. Boy, did I whip their butts. It felt real good to finally win.
We then got to eat my birthday dinner. I had begged for some beef brisket. It was so darn good. And then we washed it down with the Costco All-American Chocolate Cake; the cake of my dreams. Tyler even wrote POOP out with my 23 candles. He's so nice!
Hadley watched me blow the candles out, and imitated me right after, but refused to blow once we put a lit candle in front of her face. She's learning though; last year she cried after I blew my candles out. And cried again when I re-lit and blew them out again. I am the best aunt ever.

I then got to open presents. I asked my mom to get me Aloha soy sauce (for the best chicken recipe ever), asian toppings, and she delivered! I even got real miso (paste) soup, bamboo sticks and a japanese key chain and money My dad picked out the card and laughed so hard after I read it. He thought it was hilarious. Let me read it to you:
Hey, Daughter!
You're on the move!
You're on the go!
You're always on the run!
Here's hoping that your day is filled with high-speed, fast-track fun!

haha it makes me laugh even now. My family has a thing for finding the most ridiculous cards ever.

I also got a garlic slicer and the best dressing holder/mixer ever. I have already used it and feel rich to have such a sophisticated kitchen tool.
Now on to my brother Ty. He got me finger lights: these are exactly what you expect them to be. You stick them on your finger and they light up. Thats it. And he only got me three.
He also got me a blow up latex lion balloon. This one was cool. Hadley loved it.
And then he got me two binkys. Yep, baby binkys. It was him hinting to us that we need to have a baby (or babies I guess) before he leaves on his mission. Hopefully I can find them again whenever we do have kids. He told me they were expensive.

We then got to hear my birth story:
I guess my older sister was slow-comming, so when my mom started having close contractions, my dad was in no rush. He thought he had plenty of time to stop at the Wendy's drive-thru because he was STARVING. Well, he didn't. I'm pretty sure my mom didn't let him get his already ordered food and yelled "TO THE HOSPITAL, NOW!" I arrived 45 minutes later. But I came out blue. I guess I choked on my own...poop.... Yeah yeah "Oh malorie, that explains a lot, that's why you are so special!" Yes, that IS why I am so special.

My husband got me the prettiest flowers AND a birthday card that made me all teary-eyed. This is a huge deal for him. This boy does not do flowers or cards. It was monumentous and the best birthday present ever.

I got to take the rest of the ginormous cake home. Nothing beats having 40 billion ready slices of the best chocolate cake ever in your freezer.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I hope this lasts forever and our run-in with the law

oooohhh-ahhhh my cute little brother going to prom

Everyone thinks I am younger than I really am. Almost every day at work, I always get the "Are you old enough to serve?..." and I always like to ask them how old they think I am. I always get 14, 15, 16 years old. They are so surprised when they find out I am almost 23 and married. Just yesterday, the cooks little girl (7 years old) asked how old I was and guessed I was 15. She told me my pig tails made me look like a little girl.
Well today, my little brother had some time to spare before he went to his externship, so he decided to come hang out with the cool kids (me and the hubby). We decided to show him our typical friday afternoon: Lunch trip to Costco. We had him drive his cool orange (with a black racing stripe) mustang, because its cool. We showed him the glory of a $1.50 hot dog and drink. And then we showed him how to look at all the cameras, flat-screen T.V.'s and new 3.D. T.V.'s. I think he really enjoyed it.
On the drive home, we noticed a cop that had pulled another car on the opposite side of the road. Right when he saw Tyler's car, he pulled a U-turn, and followed us for quite a while. And then he decided to pull us over. Ugh I hate cops. So the cop walks up in his coply-manner and says he is the school police officer. He looks at Tyler and asks where he goes to school and how old he is. He looks in the back at me and demands the same. I tell him I go to the U and am 23. I am sure he just looked at my pig tails and my candy lei necklace I had sported from Tyler's back seat, and thought "liar". He then looks at Kevin. Kevin says that he has already graduated from the U and owns his own business (no...he didn't say that). The officer then goes "Well wow, I was sure all you were sluffin' school." He then asked what Tyler was doing and I (being the good big sister and all) chimed in and told him that Tyler was on his way to an externship of medical assisting and he was an awesome kid. Tyler pulled out his get-out-of-trouble-free pass and handed it to the cop. The cop asked who wrote it out. Tyler retorted "Umm ALTA DID..." in his very annoyed voice. It made me laugh. He hates cops and he hates the attention his car gets from them. They really do have a special eye on that car. After a second look from the cop to the lot of us, we were let go. It was a close one. Those school cops will get ya!

And Kevin wanted me to add that he went running with me this morning and that he is a very good husband for doing so.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

its my birthday month

Therefore it is a good month:

I only have:
one more abstract to write
one oral test
2 mini tests
one presentation

and then Im a graduated women/no, I like girl better. might as well be done now holy easy-peasy!

And then I have an Easter weekend filled with sun, sand and biking @ St. George.

And then a bachelorette party for my cute Mari who will be marrying her cute DJ. Im pretty sure our husbands will be great friends.

And then a week of Mexico.


Oh I forgot my birfday. Yep its the 17th. I have all sorts of stuff planned for me. I want to go to Dave's Deli for lunch (the best philly cheesesteak sandwiches you can buy), go to the Tulip Festival, have a slice of the Costco All-American chocolate cake, and then make my brother and kevin let me win @ monoply on sunday. They never let me win. But that will be the Mal-ificient celebration day, so... I win. And I start off with $3,000 not $1,500. And I never go to jail. Its going to be a goooood few days.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the koran in florida and the mormons on broadway

I always like finding articles from writers who aren't LDS, but are inspired by our religion and our leaders.
This article is a good one.
And holy crap-a-doodle did you see what I just did!!? I just embedded a link. Wow. Figured it out finally.

I really liked how the writer said "Obama elevated the Koran burning to an extreme offense and therefore gave comfort to an extreme reaction. 'The desecration of any holy text, including the Koran, is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry.' said Obama. The White House's use of the word extreme was inappropriate for this situation."

And our Church's reaction to the broadway show: "But the even tempered official Mormon Church reaction should make everyone take a second look at the religion." Our church always replies to anything with such sense and decency.

almost done with my college career

I only have:
one more abstract to write
one group project (working on this one right now)
two presentations
three more mini tests
and one more 10 page paper

and then im all done.
i am kinda sad. but I am sure I will get over it in Mexico...

In less than a month we will be here.
We recently were talking about our honeymoon here, and realized how cheap we were. I could seriously name everything that we bought while we were there. But I won't bore you. We now both laughed how hungry we got at night. We would go and eat the delicious dinner they provided for us, but a few hours later we would be starving. Since the rooms don't have fridges or provide room service, we were left without food. We didn't even think to go into town and stock up on treats to leave in the room. Oh we were so cheap. We both decided that is the first thing we are going to do when we get there: Stock up. So excited for it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

we went to the cheesecake factory... our house.
Yep I made a cheesecake factory dish. The chicken madeira dish. Kevin gets this every time we go (ok we have only been there twice) and he absolutely loves it and talks about how good it is the whole time.
I went to work tonight, switched tonight's shift for friday night, and drove back home. On this drive home I had the urge to impress the husband with my cooking skills so I stopped at a state liquor store. I was scared. I have never been to one. But to make this you need the key ingredient: madeira port wine. Since my work has taught me all about wine, how you serve wine, how you pair wine and how you cook with wine, I walked into the liquor store with confidence. And it wasn't too bad, especially for someone who doesn't drink. I found exactly what I wanted ($6 bottle, booyah!), handed my drivers license to the checker since I knew he wouldn't make one move of letting me buy that bottle until he had proof I wasn't 14. And I walked out with the bottle in a brown paper bag. It felt weird.

So here is the recipe. Know that this is actually really simple and easy. I was quite surprised. Just make sure you cook the sauce on high for a good 20-30 minutes to let all the alcohol evaporate. If you don't, it will taste yucko. And I only know this because at our anniversary dinner at the Zermatt, I had some tirimisu for dessert. And when I took a bite, alcohol seeped out and I almost gagged and had to spit it out. It did not taste good. So now I assume that that is how all alcohol tastes.

Chicken Madeira

1 Tb olive oil
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
8 asparagus spears
4 slices mozzarella cheese
2 Tb olive oil
2 cups fresh cut mushrooms
3 cups madeira wine
2 cups beef stock (I used chicken broth)
3 Tb flour
1 Tb butter
salt and pepper to taste

Add olive oil to a large skillet over medium heat.
You can flatten the chicken breasts so they are about 1/4 inch think, or what I did, butterfly them. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper.
Saute the chicken until browned. Mine were still a little pink. so I just broiled them for longer later.
Remove from pan, do not clean pan.
Add the 2 Tb olive oil, and then the mushrooms. Saute for 2 minutes.
Add the 3 cups madeira wine. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5-8 minutes.
Add 1 cup beef broth with 1 Tb butter
In a cup or bowl, combine the remaining 1 cup broth with the 3 Tb flour. Mix well. Then slowly incorporate this into the skillet.
Bring all this to a boil and simmer on med-high for a good 20 minutes. Keep your eye on it, it will reduce quickly at the end. This is the point, to reduce, but you don't want to reduce too much. When the sauce is a dark brown and thick, it is finished.

Now to finish, broil the chicken until completely cooked through and then top them with the mozarella cheese and asparagus and broil until melted.
Spoon the reduction over.

Kevin absolutely looooooved this. He recognized it right when he smelled it. I was proud.
Sadly, the only way to make this is with the madeira wine. Nothing can substitute. The flavors blended into this port wine are the flavors needed for the sauce. Good thing it was only $6! They had a bunch to choose from but they ranged from $14-$70. I was so happy to find the $6 cheapo bottle at the bottom.

All my latest posts are recipes. I guess I am on a cooking rampage. Husband is so lucky.

the best caesar dressing

Lately I have really liked to make my own dressings. I found this one all and it is divine.

Caesar Dressing
(Servings 2)

1-2 minced anchovy filets (kevin likes more)
1 garlic clove (or to taste, I usually add more)
1/2 cup mayo
1/8 cup half and half
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
1 Tb lemon juice
1/2 Tb mustard
salt and pepper to taste

I then make my own croutons with whatever bread I have on hand:

cut the bread into cubes
spread evenly onto baking sheet
drizzle with EVOO
add garlic and salt
toss it all around to mix evenly
bake @ 400 for about 8 or so minutes, but keep your eye on it so they don't burn.
and you will want to make a lot of them because they are gooooood

now toss the dressing with some romaine lettuce, top with parmesan cheese and your warm croutons. walah! dinner is served.

Monday, April 4, 2011

hurry! go to your local harmons!

me hugging, not holding up, hugging, the tower. we got creative.
oh look here we are at the famous gelato shop. look at the love in my eyes.

Ok, this stuff is goooood.
The summer I met Kevin, I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my family. It was the best vacation ever (even though my family will tell you otherwise and say that I was grumpy, moody and missing Kevin the whole time). Like every other girl, I had always dreamed of going to Italy. Everything was as beautiful and grand as I had expected....except for the food. I expected the best panini and pizza I had ever tasted. I was so wrong. It was all bland. Granted we only ate two meals (one in Rome, one in Florence), but still, such a disappointment. I am hoping we just went to the wrong places. But, there was one food item that we had in Florence that had aspired to my dreams. It was the gelato. Our cute tour guide took us to her favorite gelato shop; I was a bit skeptical because we had had gelato in a little town along the Amalfi coast that was only ok. I decided to opt for the pistaccio. And then I fell in love. When we go back to Florence, and I am hoping one day I will, I am finding that little shop and getting the bucket size of pistaccio gelato.

Well everyone, even though its not as good as eating it in Florence, I have found it. I have found the amazing pistachio gelato in the great state of Utah, in the great store of Harmons.
Talenti Gelato: Sicilian Pistaccio.
It is all-natural, and all-tasting. It is amazing. Kevin made me put it away so I wouldn't eat it all in one sitting.
Maybe you don't like pistaccio, well they have a bazillion flavors to satisfy everyone.
I have found my new favorite treat. for now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my maybe most embarrassing moment

So when work is slow we come up with games to play. Games such as 1) hit whatever with a rubber band 2) dominoes 3) make up drinks and make the drinkers try them 4) fruit ninja 5) tell a funny joke 6) pretend your the cook or 7) tell your most embarrassing moment. Tonight we opted for 7) tell your most embarrassing moment.
It took my a while to think of one...because I am perfect...but then I thought of this one:
In junior high (7th-8th grade), I was a loser. I had no friends. The only friends I had were A) the kids in my carpool (but it was one of those I-only-talk-to-you-in-the-car type of friendships) B) the one friend I had in a class (but again, it was one of those don't you-talk-to-me-outside-of-this-class-or-else types).
Well in P.E. one year we were working on the Presidential Fitness Award. Ugh I hated this. Don't get me wrong I was an athlete and very athletic, so the fitness parts- no problemo; it was just the strength exercises that got me. Pull-ups: couldn't even do one. The flexibility exercise: ha! So when it came to the sit-ups, I knew I had to do good.
So I get paired up with some random girl who has to hold my feet down. Ready! Set!....GO! I start. My first few are way fast. And then it starts. Every time I came up to touch my elbows to my knee....I farted....... And its not like I could stop. Ohhhh nooo. I had to finish. And its not like I could be like "oh uh...sorry.." to the girl. I didn't know her and was way to shy to say a word to her. I just kept on going.
Well I did pass on the sit-ups. I went over what I needed for the allotted time. I think I tried to make up for my farts.