Wednesday, January 26, 2011

another "favorite"!

Wow, another "favorite" you ask? Yes, another! This is big, BIG you guys!
So, I like to be comfy. Comfy every minute of the day. And jeans just don't give me that comfy I need. So i am a skirt, tights, and leggings kind of girl. Comfort is huge. Comfy is a word that comes out of my mouth far too often. Husband will testify of this. I even got him saying "comfy" a few times, it was huge. Well, ladies and gentelmen, let me show you... COMFY!
JEGGINGS!! Whaaaat are these you ask? They are the epitome of comfy. They make comfy look good. have to find the right ones. There has to be enough jean in them so they don't look sloppy. And they have to hold that bootie up and make that bootie look good.
Well I was completely against this new "jegging" trend. I thought "ha! what jibberish! Jeggings?" But then...I tried them on. And I was forever changed.
I got mine at Kohls. They were on sale, and fit me fantastically. I tried them on for my husband and yelled "COMMMFFYYY!" And he really liked them. He now finds every excuse to say the word "jegging" and add it to his everyday vocabulary. I am a jegging girl.

And I prefer the black ones to the gold.

he is a poster boy and a "favorite"

Kevin went to the Outdoor Retailers show and lookie what he found!?..He was Hestra Gloves' poster boy. That is him. POSTER BOY!!! duh duh duh.... (que a cool action song)

So I started my last semester this semester. Crazy sauce. What do I do after school? I mean, I have been going to school since I can remember. And I can remember all the way back to preschool. We had scheduled nap times back then. And the best thing that could happen was you getting anointed as the "wake-up fairy." I did it once. And I couldn't nap during that whole time; I was just too excited to be able to tap everyone with the special "wand" and wake them up.
And then came kindergarten, elementary school, becoming afraid of the "resource" kids and walking past their door, the oh-so-awkward Jr. High years and wearing an eeyore shirt and eeyore hat more times than I will admit, the high school years of constant swimming and water polo playing, and then the many dance parties of my freshman year in college. School, you have been fun.
I am only taking two courses this semester. So it feels like I am already done. But I am really enjoying my classes so far. But maybe not so much the students in the class. And maybe this is only because I am a total sour puss. When I go to school, I am there to listen and absorb as much as I can. If anyone gets in my way, you better look out. I have quite a few students in both of my classes that interrupt my flow of learning. And this is bad.
There is one kid that continually feels like he needs to ask questions. Questions that don't need to be asked, or questions that already have been answered. He jumbles away for far too many minutes trying to get his question across. Whenever I hear his voice come out, I get embarrassed, literally embarrassed, for him. Because by the end of his questioning, the teacher still doesn't know what he is getting at. And by the end he sounds like a total idiot. I am sorry but the saying "No question is a dumb one," is the stupidest saying I have ever heard.
And then there is a kid who says "ummm" far too often. And of course he likes to participate in discussion. Suck. I am not exaggerating when every other word is "umm." Next time he talks I might just umm-punch him in the face.
And then there is the girl who sits behind me and eats an entire bag of Gardettos. They smell nasty, they are loud, and they take far too long to eat. Please don't bring anymore food girl. OK, ok, lets meet in the middle...a snack size gardetto bag is fine.

And there are so many other students I could complain about, but I will end it at that.

Also, I want to share with you my favorite candy (for now). I typically don't have "favorites" of anything. It drives me bonkers when people are inquiring about me and ask me "favorite" questions like "what is your favorite food" "what is your favorite color" "what is your favorite number" "what is your favorite band." I think these are the stupidest questions. But now I will answer all you guys "what is your favorite candy" question. So this is a big deal and I am excited to share this with you:
"innovation in licorice"

What you have never seen or heard of these?... Oh its ok, most people haven't. But these are the best darn things out there. Try em. Like em.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

like a fire

This year we changed a Brower tradition (I make it sound like I have always been a part of this tradition, but I have only been a part of it for..two years? I actually got lucky the first time around; I was invited even before me and Kev were engaged. The rule had always been you have to actually be engaged or married to bring a date, but I guess they liked me :) ) We had always gone to The Roof as a family for a Christmas dinner. But due to Mitchell getting home after Christmas, we had to change things up a bit. So we tried out Fireside Dining up at Deer Valley on New Years Day. And it was so worth the change up.
So all the food you eat is located at fireplaces. Visit one fireplace to find a course of warm raclette cheese accompanied by steamed new potatoes, pearl onions, cornichons, cured Italian and Swiss meats and freshly baked baguettes. Continue to the next fireplace for simmering stews or fricassees with hearty alpine ingredients such as veal, duck, chicken, wild mushrooms, leeks, roasted tomatoes, root vegetables and herbs. Served with these are hand-grated, crisp, buttery potato rosti – a Swiss staple. Here, also find a field green salad tossed with a champagne shallot vinaigrette and served with homemade ciabatta bread. Another fireplace serves fire-roasted meats: leg of lamb, pork or venison roasted slowly by the fire, brushed with fresh herbs and seasoning, accompanied by Dutch oven specialties and a creative vegetable salad. Yeah that was my writing. ... Ok no it was not. Thank you; you word it so nicely.

They had a dessert bar that well, disappointed me. I was expecting top-notch (belgian callebaut maybe?) chocolate fondue: milk, dark, and white; and plenty of yummy treats to dip in it. They only had a carmel sauce, vanilla sauce, and a so-called chocolate sauce. I think it was fake chocolate. But I think I may just be a chocolate snob since my mom makes homemade chocolates and only uses the finest of chocolate. Yea.. I am a chocolate snob. But hey, if you are going to eat chocolate, I say you eat the best darn chocolate there is. Anyways.. I of course still ate it. I mean it was still edible. And they had good chocolate chip cookies to dip.
we're cute
The raclette cheese was by far my favorite.
the stews were all very good. I especially liked the short rib stew.
I decided I am not a fan of lamb. But it still looks really tasty
All these accompaniments for the cheese were extremely tasty

I recommend this experience to everyone. It was wonderful to just hang out with the whole family for hours and enjoy amazing food.

Ok hopefully this is my last Christmas break post. I am kind of sick of looking at everyone elses Christmas pictures, as well as my own. Its not Christmas time anymore, so lets move on people!

family pictures

How cute are we?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My husbands ski and snowboard (and bike) training facility is almost open! All you need to come and check it out. You should also go to the ESPN blog, Snogression got a write-up! Good job baby, you have worked so hard on this. Who said you can't make your dreams become a reality??!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i dehydrate

blueberry fruit roll-up
pear fruit roll-up
strawberry & pear fruit roll-up

My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a dehydrator for Christmas. I have so far dehydrated pear slices, apple slices, tomato slices, beef jerky, and am now waiting to try my fruit roll-ups. And yes you heard right, I make my own beef jerky. And let me tell you; it is the best beef jerky I have ever tried. Three of Kevin's friends told me that as well. My mom for Christmas gave me a jerky gun and jerky spices you use and it is so easy. I am forever hooked.

double the fun

Christmas was definitely different this year, but I really liked it and am now demanding that our future Christmas's are always like this years. Christmas eve we spent with my family. We had amazing food, played the candy bar game, showed off our good deed projects (ok maybe were not the most humble family), got new pajamas, and played a gift exchange game. We then had a sleep over with my little brother since he is now the only one left at home. Me, Kev and Ty slept in the basement on two blow-up mattresses. I was kind enough to give the best one to Kevin, and me and Ty took the bigger one. Worst. Night. Ever. That mattress would not stay blown up for two seconds. I mean, C'mon...isn't that your job? It was worse sleeping on that thing then on the flat, cold ground. It was even worse that we all fell asleep to a movie that got unreasonably loud during all the action parts, so it kept waking us up, but we were all too lazy to get up and turn off the projector. And don't forget that it was Christmas Eve. I get so excited for Christmas morning. I am still the same little girl that would wake-up my little brother at two in the morning and snuggle in his bed and make him stay up until morning with me. I woke up at 5:30 am and stared at the ceiling for a half hour not daring to wake up my husband with my excitement. I knew he might just kill me. So right when I hear a rustle in the sheets in Tylers direction I whisper (kind of loudly) "Are you awake tyler?" And my plan worked, he woke up. We then continued to try and wake up Kevin without any success. So I decided to let time pass until 7:00 am. I took a long hot shower and got ready. This is quite awesome if you know me (6:30 am!). When 7:00 am struck I demanded Kevin to wake up. Me and tyler then showed how we do Christmas Morning. We still do it like we did when we were little things. We wake up the parents, let them go check if Santa came, then we walk down the stairs one at a time. It was glorious.
We opened presents, then had the best breakfast ever. Breakfast casserole, homemade hot chocolate and apple strudel.
We then did something we both had never done before, We went skiing!!! We really liked it and I think this might have to be a tradition now.

Because Mitchell came home after Christmas, we decided to be nice and surprise him with Christmas morning the morning after he got home. So our Christmas Eve was the 29th and Christmas Day was the 30th with the Browers. Everyone had a very successful Christmas. We all got completely spoiled. Especially Alta and Ellie.

ellie got a box
mitchell got a snuggie

my awesome new bike helmet

Monday, January 10, 2011

I whip my hair back and forth

I found this on facebook. We had to watch it twice it was so funny. And then I thought it would be funny to impersonate the bird for Kevin..and it was! I crack myself up. After you watch it, impersonate it. It will cheer you right up.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mitchell is home!

Elder Mitchell Brower got back from his mission in Korea Town L.A., California (korean speaking) December 29th. When Mitchell left he made it known that no one would be wearing his clothes while he was gone. So we all thought it would be hilarious to pick him up at the airport in all of his clothes. And let me tell you: It was. I was so excited about this. I think I was even more excited about this then Mitchell even coming home (oh.. Im kidding Mitchell). Boy were we a sight to be seen. We all kind of looked like bums. Even baby Ellie looked like a ski bum wearing one of Mitchells beanies. But the best part was seeing Mitchell come down the escalator just laughing at us. He loved it. He said we "looked real good." Its been so fun having him home. I love having another brother, especially when he is just like Kevin. Everyone really missed him and we are all so glad to have him back home!
Lorna wore a hat of his that she hated, hated, hated

Mitchell didn't even recognize Patrick when he got home. Patrick was just a little boy when he left, and now he could be a tad taller than Mitchell
i wore one of his huge funny smelling sweaters, ellie sported a beanie and kevin scored with some nice white pants
it takes Alta a long time to warm up to strangers...she has yet to say one word to Mitchell. When we even mention his name she goes silent. It took me and Kevin two years to over come this. Good luck Mitchell...
daniel looked the best in his skin-tight shorts
we are such an awesome family

yes a helicopter gets a post of its own

Because of the time involved with this toy, the boys got to open this christmas present early so they could get to work on it right away. For all of you who are familiar with remote control helicopters and are total nerds like my husband, its a T-REX 500!!! For all of you who are not familiar with helicopters, its pretty much the best helicopter you can get. If not properly put together or flown, it could seriously injure or kill someone (no joke). Its a big deal. You should have seen how excited all the Brower boys got. They had all died and gone to heaven (especially Kev). It took them a good 3 or 4 days to build it. Because of the seriousness of this toy, they also got a little helicopter and a flight simulator for practice. Like I said, this is a big deal. Me and Shalane lost many hours of husband time during this christmas break because of this machine. As of now, I don't think we either really like it. But it was fun to see all the boys working together on a project.
look how happy they are!
this was test flight number one! notice all the protection gear Daniel is wearing...
Kevin nerding out
look at the love in his eyes

don't worry this is just the baby helicopter that was used for practice. they would never let me touch the T-rex let alone fly it

They have yet to still fly it; they have only been able to hover it. Hopefully when everyone comes back out in the summer, they will have it up and running.

Monday, January 3, 2011

a christmas surprise!!

We had a baby! Isn't she such a chunk? I know it was fast...and you didn't know I was pregnant...but now the secret is out! I know, I know, I look fantastic after just having a baby! Notice how big she is; she took all my fat! Ok, ok I have taken it too far. This is not our baby, oh how I wish though. This is our niece. But...I am hoping our babies will look like this and we have a good chance. I guess this is what Kevin looked like. He was a pretty chunky baby. Oh I am so excited!

holy crappers this break has been awesome

Wow, this christmas has been so fun. I have had a month off from school. The whole Brower family has finally been reunited after a 2 year hiatus from Elder Mitchell. And we have all hung out for two weeks straight. Me and Kev had two Christmas's: My families Christmas day, then the Browers on the 30th when Mitchell came home. I think this is how we are going to want to do it for now on.

But first things first, what me and Kev did Christmas Eve:
Snowshoeing. Kevin picked the place. Which he never picks the usual trails or any trails for that matter. He wanted to walk through all the cabins up Big Cottonwood; so we did. And boy did we find some treasures. We found a bobsled track and a zip line. We took some videos for you viewing pleasures...

don't mock my laugh. when something is really funny I guess I turn into a donkey. notice how kevin looks like he should go over that hill the whole timeand that high screaching sound is the zipline...not me....