Friday, April 23, 2010

i love cake

I promise I do wear make-up...just not as much as I need to I guess...

Last sunday, I got to pick my birthday dinner and cake. I chose my dads brisket (he makes some mean, tasty meat) and the all-american chocolate cake, or "Matilda" cake. This. cake. is. the. best. Even kevin enjoys it and he is not a cake fan. It is huge.
My favorite part of this whole event was after they sang the "Happy Birthday" song and I blew out all the candles. There was a lot of candles on there, and little ms hadley was so enticed by them. She either liked the fire, or hated the smoke. Its still a mystery. Anyways, right after I blew them out, hadley started crying! So being my mean self, I decide to experiment and I demanded a redo! We lit all the candles again, and my family actually sang the whole song again for me. And yet again, after I blew the candles out, Hadley started crying again. It was hilarious to say the least. And really the "experiment" was just a cover so I could hear the birthday song again, and blow out the candles again (double wishes!). Thanks family!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Do I look as cool as I feel?" - quoted by Kevin every time we go snowmobiling, skiing, or any activity he gets to "dress-up" for

I had the best birthday this past weekend. I think I got lucky the time of year I was born; when I was growing up, we seemed to always be in Carlsbad, California the week of my birthday. It felt like a week long birthday celebration. Last year me and kevin didn't stop this tradition and went to california to play in the waves and go to disneyland (I know...). This year we didn't go to california, too much school and work. I really wonder how I got school off last year... Well even though we didn't go to the sunshine state this year, my birthday was just as good. We went spring skiing up at Solitude for as long as we could. It was a beautiful day all, and the snow was so fun to ski on. I could have skied all day, but my legs gave out on me and having to stop so many times on a hill to stop my legs from wiggling too much told me to stop. Kevin borrowed my brothers snowboard and fell in love. He thinks he should switch to snowboarding now. I don't. "Skiing is more classy" is what I say.
We then went home and laid on the tramp and soaked in some sun to raise our low vitamin D stores from the winter.
We were then off to La Cocina, our favorite restaurant, probably overall. I could go their every saturday. The veggie fajitas are the there. Kevin loves the shrimp fajitas or the La Cocina Special (just in case any one of you reading this wants to go and try it out).
We then went and bought treats, chocolate cinnamon bears are the current favorite, and drinks even though kevin insisted that what we were going to wasn't really the place to bring these.. but I refused to agree with him, It was my birthday for heavens sake. We then went and bought student tickets to the Utah Symphony. It was a fun experience, we really enjoyed it. The best was sneaking drinks and treats here and there even though there were spies everywhere. Their was an amazing violinist who played along the utah symphony and could play a solo and make it sound like the symphony was playing along with her. She could go full-speed, by herself for ten minutes. Her arms were ripped to say the least. At least her right arm. But my favorite part of this whole show was me setting a chocolate gummy bear on Kevins' leg all secretly for him to hurry and eat, and kevin deciding to make it dance to the symphony. The current piece playing was quite loud and crazy and that bear went right along with it. We were both laughing so hard we were crying. I don't think I have cried so hard because of laughing before, I think it was because we had to be silent while doing this. I didn't know I could be so silent laughing so hard. We were giggling the rest of the show just thinking about it.
This reminded us of the episode of Seinfeld with the dancing Pez at the piano recital. here it is:

Monday, April 12, 2010

all you health fanatics...

..Avocado is the new butter. Yep avocado. We are trying to eat healthier, like I am sure most of you are, and we have learned that butter should be replaced with avocado. This means we should be melting and pouring avocado over our popcorn ( yeah right, we love our buttered popcorn too much). Or instead of sour cream and butter, you should put avocado on your baked potato. Well we decided to try this out with an avocado brownie recipe last night. It had the same ingredients as regular brownies, you just added an avocado instead of butter. Well I prepared it and was excited to taste it out. When it had baked and cooled we all dug in. No one could eat more than a fourth of a brownie, probably even less than that... it had not taste. We had to drink a whole cup of milk just to put down that small amount of brownie. My parents were saying "well mal... it atleast was baked perfect and has good consistancy". I was so mad that these brownies didnt turn out until I looked at the recipe again. I had forgotten to add a whole cup of brown sugar...a whole cup!! hmm maybe thats why it tasted like bread and not a brownie??..
Once again.. Im no good at baking.

skeee babies

Saturday was a good day for us Browers. Kevin usually has to work on saturdays, but coaching ended so now it is a play day. We started the day by going skiing at the great Solitude. There was hardly anyone there- I thought everyone loved spring skiing? Well I know I do. It was a fun time. We met up with kevins little brother pat and friend parker and got to ski around with them for the last bit. Kevin loves skiing with his buddies. When he skis with me, its just that. Nothing exciting- him just pushing me to go faster. But right when his friends show up its trick time. They go off jumps, and do silly tricks down the run. I love watching them. I also got to dress "nasty" or so the ski community calls it. I got to wear kevins too-small but new mammut pants, and topped it off with a rasta skullcandy hat that is way to big for me. I think this was why I skied so good.
We then went to the Porcupine grill for lunch to soak up the life of the rich and famous (minus the rich). Kevins photographer has a bunch of his pictures up there on exhibit. They are all real, not photoshopped pictures (they put in so much effort and time into these pictures, of course they are not photoshopped!) So of course kevin has a few pictures of him up there and we got to watch people walk around and be amazed at all the pictures. I wanted to yell "hey hey this is him right here in that there picture"!, but I decided to be humble.
We then stopped by a Mac store to check out the bad-talked iPad. I really dont know why so many negative things have been said about this great thing, but we loved it. The iBook feature on it is my favorite. I feel bad for the kindle.
We then got invited by Kevins fun cousin Nate to a little BMX bike event in Alpine. Someone built a ton of very well manicured (kevins words not mine) dirt jumps and we went to watch these kids hit them. It was fun to watch, and it was fun to chit chat with nate, his friend, and play with his famous dog hector.
We then decided it would be a good idea to go play soccer at draper park with parker, pat, and more of their friends. They all wanted to learn how to juggle like the pro I am... or so I thought until kevin easily doubled my juggling number.
We then got big daddy combo pizza, diet coke, grape soda, and popped some popcorn, and ended our day by watching Pelican Brief.
Good Saturday= Happy Browers

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

busy and spring break

Isn't my niece so darn cute? She gets cuter every day.

School has been a bit much lately. And the weather being weird has been a bit much lately. I don't know about you but nothing bums me out more that sad, cold, weird weather when I want it to be warm outside for playing. School will be ending soon and then I hope we will be going on a little trip of some sort. Hopefully. If I can talk kevin into it. Quite ridiculous I have to talk my husband into going on a vacation with me... but thats the way it is!

Funny story about spring break..
Well I was hoping we could go somewhere fun for my full week of school off. I had gotten work off a few months before, just in case we went somewhere, anywhere. Well the week started off with kevin getting food poisoning, and having to take care of him for a few days. So I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere now. So me and my sister planned a little babies day out with Hadley and had planned to go to some museums down around BYU. We started at the art museum at BYU. It is amazing to me how much art they OWN. All the art there, they have purchased. I couldn't believe they had a few of Albrecht Durer's engravings, which were done in the 1400's. They still had the crease marks of him simply folding his artwork up to put it in his pocket.
Well anyways Hadley has started to get fussy. So we took her out of her stroller and tried to calm her down. She would calm down and whine for a little then start crying again. So we took her downstairs to see if we could stop her crying by changing her diaper. Chelsey was to embarrassed to change her diaper on a bench in the art museum (no one was there) so we crammed ourselves and a huge stroller in the tiny box bathroom. It took us five minutes just trying to fit through the four doors to get into the bathroom. We couldn't stop laughing how dumb we looked and Hadley couldn't stop crying. Once we got into the bathroom there was only the room between the toilets and sinks to change her diaper, so Chelsey just ended up changing her diaper in her huge stroller. To pass the time I decided to go to the bathroom, well this was a bad idea because suddenly I got an enormous pain in the my right side. It wouldn't go away. I sat down on the toilet and tried to breath. Still wouldn't go away. Hadley was still crying at this moment and it was making me feel even sicker. I couldnt really talk but I walked out of the stall and tried to tell chelsey something was wrong and I was sorry but I had to go outside. I guess my face was completely red and I was sweating so chelsey knew something was wrong. So I go outside and lay down on a bench. I tried to make the pain go away so I could go help chelsey, but It wouldnt. So I just laid there and breathed. I hear chelsey trying to come out of the many bathroom doors with hadley, talking in her now happy voice, and tried not to laugh (well couldnt) because she was having a lot of trouble maneuvering that huge stroller by herself, with hadley in her arms. Ha I laugh just thinking about it. She finally made it out alive and we decided to leave. The rest of the day was me laying on the couch and chelsey taking care of both me and hadley. Not a fun day. Both me and hadley agree that there was something in the air at that museum.