Monday, November 30, 2009

Not so good at baking..

So I like to cook, and you know, sometimes im good at it.  But every time I bake, something goes wrong.  I don't know what it is but the simplest cookie recipe can go wrong.  Like today.  I try to cook a simple sugar cookie recipe, and they turn out looking like biscuits.. 

When I tried a few weeks ago to bake a pie, I took the easy route (thinking I can for sure do this) and bought a canned cherry pie center. (But I did make the crust and top crust homemade) It was looking so good and smelt great.  When the time came to take it out, I forgot I had made it in one of the flimsy, cheap pie tins.  It folded in half in my hands and went all over my oven.  I was so mad I have yet to clean my oven of the pie mess. 


Going shooting reminded me of a video my little brother took of me shooting "the big kick gun" (not so sure what the exact name is) for the first time...


We got to go shooting with our friends Josh & Ashlee, and Denzol and Scott last Saturday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Engagement at Alta Ski Resort

For those who have never heard how we got engaged, heres the story:

It was a cold, Saturday December day and Kevin had gone skiing.  He wanted me to come up and meet him later in the afternoon at Alta, the 3-4:30 free session, so I could continue to learn how to ski.  Well it ended up you  needed chains or 4-wheel drive to get up the canyon that day, so I was wondering how I was going to get up there.  My dad was very willing to take me up to skiing that day when I told him I didnt know what I was going to do (now I know why).  But it ended up that kevin came all the way back down to pick me up and take me back up there.  I thought this was kind of strange but just thought he really wanted me to go skiing.  So we get up there and it is really cold.  So he makes sure I am all bundled up, and I remember him just being so cute with me and helping me with everything.  While hes putting everything on me he puts an avalanche beacon on him and says that we are going to learn how to use that today since my parents are always kidding with him that he needs to be safer on the mountain.  So on the third run he leads me over to this tree area.  Tells me to look away while he hides the other beacon.  He then hands me his beacon and teaches me how to use it and sets me loose to find the other one.  By this time, I was freezing and about ready to be done.  I couldnt find the beacon for a few minutes and began to become frustrated.  I asked him if we could do this another time because I was about to freeze but he was oddly persistent on finding this beacon so I continued on.  When I finally found it, I throw it to him without looking at it and got up.  I turn around and Kevin is there down on one knee, holding out a ring that was tied to the end of the beacon.  And without a sound of nervousness in his voice says "Malorie, Will You Marry Me?"  By now, I was shaking all over! I couldnt believe that I had not seen this coming and it was all a complete suprise! We had talked about marriage, and kind of when we wanted to get married, but I didnt think he was going to ask me for another month or so.  The first thing that popped into my  mind, and the first thing I said to him was "Did you ask my dad?" This was always very important  to me.  He kind of laughed and said "Yes Malorie."  So then it was ok for me to say... "Yes!"  I put the ring on, and couldnt help but ask if it was real (it was HUGE.)  He said no and said that he had gone to Kohls right before he came and picked me up and picked out the prettiest, fake ring he could find haha.  Well it was now past 4:30 and a ski patrol came by us and told us that we had to ski down and leave.  I wanted to be like HELLO we just got engaged can you give us a moment!! But we skied down and the whole time I just couldnt believe that I was now engaged and had this ring on my finger.  While taking all my gear off I was just in shock and staring at my ring.  After we had gotten warm, kevin took me to the Ariel restaurant at Snowbird.  It was perfect! The view was so pretty and the food was so good.  As we left we called our friends Jordan and Lyndsey, who had just also gotten engaged, and told them the news.  We then debated on who of our families to tell first.  We decided to stop by my house, but only tyler and zoe were home.  We didn't want to wait, so we went over to kevins house.  We decided that we were going to hide my ring and just hang out with them for a while.  We ended up watching the BYU game for about 20 min and then out of the blue... Kevin goes "So..did I tell you we're engaged?" He said it so nonchalantly that everyone was like hey thats not funny if your kidding!  So i popped out my ring and the best response we had was kevins little brother Patrick.  He jumps out of his seat and yells "I KNEW IT! I knew you guys were going to get married!" 

And thats how we got engaged.

miso cute

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i love to cook

oh and by the way, i have found the love for cooking! when we were engaged i was worried about me learning and being a good cook for kevin. my family and i was quite worried that i would be horrible.  well i have practiced and have become pretty good! kevin really appreciates and loves when i cook so i will be sharing our favorite recipes on this blog as well. 
much love,

the latest...

So what have the browers been up to as of late? well alot of things.. Im still going to school full time, majoring in behavioral science and health. I also serve at a little mexican restaurant down the street from the U called Su Casa. its yummy. Kevin has been working for his dads company, Brower Timing.  Hes been doing the marketing and has been enjoying it.  He also has so many side projects all the time.  He has quite the imagination and can build anything.  He also has been getting all sorts of boxes just filled with free stuff from sponsors.  And its not crappy stuff... helmets, goggles, sunglasses, beanies, hoodies, shirts, socks, skis... if you need it for skiing, hes getting it for free. It does make me jealous him getting all this "narly" stuff.  He did order me the cutest smith shirt and smith beanie though and i love them. thanks sweetie :).  He has loved the snow we have gotten and tried to go skiing on saturday but due to his bad ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago, he ended up skiing down pretty much on one ski, and skiing straight back to the car. He should be good in a week though (so he says).
My sister just had her cute little baby girl Hadley Claire Tipton.  She is the cutest thing and we have loved spending time with her lately.  She is only 3 weeks old but acts like she is a lot older.  We can tell she is ready to be a big girl! She is very aware of her surroundings and loves being with everyone.  She especially loves being with her grandma and grandpa.  Its amazing how much love you can have for someone that has only been a member of the family for 3 weeks.  She has everyone tied around her little finger.  You should see my dad with her! He just loves holding hadley, its the cutest thing.  when i learn to add pictures on this thing I will put lots up of her!  I can already tell she is going to be the most spoiled girl in our family.  I want to buy her everything.  There is one thing for sure though, when she is a little bit older she will have UGG boots and Juicy jacket.  They will probably be a gift from her favorite aunt malorie. All little girls need these, they are necessary!
Me and kev have started going to Cross Fit Sandy.  His buddy Alex just opened it up.  It is the most crazy, hard, and rewarding workout you can find.  You get an hours hard work of full on cardio in about 10-15 min.  After the short, but crazy intense workout, we feel like we have been working out for hours.  If you want a workout program with results, Cross Fit will do just that. I would recommend it to everyone.
I know this was long im sorry, it needs more pictures to keep this blog interesting. ill get to work.  but we are just loving being married!! it was the best decision we both have made.( i love you kevin.) And this blog is dedicated to showing our love for one another and our love for life. (cheesy)
much love, 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The past two weeks we have been tending 6 kids. Brayden who is 3, Sam who is 5, Olivia who is..7, Baylee who is...8, Whitney who is...13, and Ashlin who is 15. Yes, this is a lot of kids. We went from 0 to 6. I wouldnt recommend doing this. Too much stickyness, toys, poop, diapers, clothes, go-gurt wrappers, and candy wrappers everywhere. We have decided we are never going to have 6 kids. Maybe one. No..we will probably have more than that but its hard to want to right now.
Brayden is the funniest one. He has slight autism and loves candy like every other kid-but on a whole nother level. Hes like a dog-he finds candy and knows we will take it from him so he hurries and finds a hiding place for it. This could be outside in the bushes, in a closet, in the trash (this one is pretty smart, who would go looking in a trash can for candy?). Since kevin sprained his ankle last week, Brayden realised that this meant kevin couldnt take the candy away from him if he stayed a safe distance and just taunted him with the candy in his mouth. He got away with it for a while until kev got so frustrated he hobbled around and chased him. I couldnt believe how often I found him with candy in his mouth. We realised this is why he is so skinny. He eats candy, goes crazy, and runs around burning all his calories he just ate.

we are new

We finally have created ourselves a blog! Im not so sure how to work it, but ill learn. Anticipate more posts to come!