Friday, October 29, 2010

photo booth then & now

then (dating):

oh my ewwwww were kissing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

korean bbq

My brother-in-law Will travels to exotic places a lot for work. He has been to Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland, England, Japan and South Korea, and is going to India next month. He really enjoyed the food in South Korea on his last trip, so as a family we all went out to Korean. When he picked a place in West Valley, we all weren't too sure about this dinner idea. But it turned out FANTASTIC! I loved it. It was very authentic (I could just tell ok). Koreans are known for their many side dishes (banchan) that come with your steamed rice. And they are FREE! In little side dishes they give you seasoned cucumbers, marinated cooked potatoes, some sort of brussel sprout, kimchi, and seaweed. I would go their just for their steamed rice and side dishes. I couldnt get enough, so they let me have more...for free! Well if thats not enough to entice you to go, their main entrees were awesome too. The marinated BBQ beef (Bulgogi), the Bulgogi with clear noodles, and their marinated BBQ pork were our top choices. They also have delicious soft tofu and soups. Their seafood tofu soup was bomb. They come out boiling and they give you the eggs to crack in them yourself. I did wonder though, wouldn't that be the worst thing to spill on your customer if you worked here, boiling hot soup. ouch.
We also noted that their place was mostly filled with Korean customers. That is always a good sign when you want authenticity.
So Mitchell better get excited, when he gets home we are going to surprise him with our new-found knowledge in Korean food and take him to:
Tofu House & Korean B.B.Q.
1839 W. 3500 S.
West Valley, UT

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

photobooth hadley

I just found these on my computer...had to share them.

kevin throws a party

Kevin teaches the 12 year olds at church. They are a wild bunch. I have had to teach them a few times and all I could do to keep them at bay was play hangman with them and reward them with treats. It was rough. Well Kevin on the other hand loves them. And they love him. They all think he is soooo cool. Its a perfect calling for him. Well he promised them a party, a backyard badminton party. Even though it was cold, and snow was on the ground, they still wanted to do it. So we shoveled the snow off the court and played!! We grilled up some hot dogs and chicken, had the kids bring drinks, chips, and cookies and it was a party. One girl brought a cake and a huge think of cookies and said "Sorry, my family is unhealthy.." Hey don't be saying sorry to us!
The kids have only seen kevin at church in his church clothes so when they came over and saw him in his "street wear" they couldn't believe it. They all said this:
"You look so young!"
"How can you be teaching us?"
"You dress cool like a 'punk'!"
"Your like a hippy!"
I thought it was hilarious. yes my husband is so hip.

I was so much better than all of them at badminton, suckas! ok one kid beat me once...but it was a fluke!

Kevin's first party and it was a success!!

zermatt we love you

In celebration of Kevin starting his business, we spent a night in Park City last weekend. We stayed in the lovely Lodge at Mountain Resort up at Park City ($70 a night!), and ate (again) at the Zermatt's Scheintters Restaurant. It was LOVELY! Their seafood buffet is amazing. All you can eat crab, shrimp, raw oysters, sushi, salmon, flounder, snapper, tilapia, fish tacos and so much more. Kevin went crazy for the raw oysters. Me, not so much. I had one. They were good; fresh as can be. But I can only have so much of the fresh right-out-of-the-ocean-probably-still-alive-taste. Kevin probably ate 5 or 6. My favorite was the crab and butter. I don't know why, but their butter is delectable. And c'mon, already cut open for you crab legs, who wouldn't like that? Well to get our moneys worth we spent a good three hours there. We just ate, sat, and chit-chatted like we were professionals. And boy did we get our moneys worth.
They have an awesome array of deserts, but we stuck with a bowl of melted chocolate. Mmm mmm. And...sneaked two cookies out. They looked so good but we were so full!
Kevin ate waaayyy too much and was uncomfortable the rest of the night. ha poor guy. But it was well worth it. We will go again.
Kevin told me to take this picture. Do these look familiar to you Lorna?

We both love the T.V. when we stay in hotels. It is a part of the vacation, since we don't have T.V. at home. Kevin got a little carried away when he sat and brushed his teeth for 5 minutes because he was so enthralled in whatever show it was. cutie.

we went camping

For fall break we went camping up at Albion Basin. Yes you are not supposed to camp up there right now, but hey we pay taxes, we own that place (kinda). We just slipped by the cite closed sign and set up camp. We were the only ones there (obviously). I bought a scary campfire book to read to Kevin, but he almost didn't let me read them. He hates scary things. But once I talked him into just one story, and he heard how lame they were, he did just fine. And he did just fine because the stories were soooo lame.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"jimmy poaches jimmy's public land"

Kevin got some more publishments!
He had three pictures in this months issue of Powder magazine. These two and then his mammut ad.
He is super stoked on the two page spread!
Way to go "Jimmy" and "Ken Stone"!

This Bryce picture made it in Mountain Sports & Living magazine, but I still need to go and pick that one up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

kaileys bridal shower+pictures galore

and this is why my purses are so big. they are perfect for dollar theater night dates. popcorn and drinks to go!
kevin built a ramp in our backyard