Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Christmas of Un-Suprising Gifts

I've never been good at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to presents. When I was little I remember buying my sister a watch for christmas that I was so excited to get for her. On christmas eve I was pointing out all the presents and saying who's it was and who it was from. When I got to Chelseys present, I blurted out "And here is Chelseys goofy watch from me!!" Chels didnt like that too much.

Well this year I decided to get Kev an XBOX 360. This is funny because kevin never thought he would own or ever want to own an XBOX. But we have my brother Tyler and brother-in-law Will to blame. They both have XBOX 360s and XBOX live. Every sunday they love gaming, and kevin has been practicing. When tyler got the new Call of Duty modern warfare, he fell in love. I decided to try it out and I got hooked too. So I found a great deal online and ordered it. I was truly hoping it would get here later rather then sooner because I knew once we got it, the secret would slip. The package came only 4 days later. And that was when it was opened and first played. (We had to make sure everything worked, right?) There was no way that I could have kept the secret until christmas. When I told him he was so excited! We went out that night to buy me a controller so we could both play.

Well as you can see he loves it...

Kevin also is bad at keeping secrets. He wanted to buy me a ski jacket for christmas. He got to excited and ordered it too early just like me. Even the day before it came in the mail he told me my christmas present was on its way. He did an awesome job picking it out! I love it so much and am super excited to wear it skiing.

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