Monday, December 21, 2009

A shout out

So I have to brag about how big time my husband is. So kevin is a Pro-Skier. Really. He has been published in skiing magazines and Outdoors magazine. He was in Atomic's 44 days ski movie. He has sponsors for everything, and is always getting everything. At the beginning of the season he gets box after box of the latest and greatest of goggles, beanies, shirts, and jackets. I thought being married to a pro-skier meant I would get all sorts of S.W.A.G (stuff wives all get) but I guess they don't like sponsoring the wives.
He grew up ski racing. He raced for Snowbird ski team and loved it. A year before his mission he decided to go to the "dark side" and took up freestyle skiing. Well this past weekend he decided to tryout racing again in the Masters with his father Mark, and sister Natalie. He was a little bit nervous the night before, knowing that he hadn't trained for 8 years. I knew he would do great though and was excited to hear how it went. The first run he fell and had to hike (this is where if you fall pass a gate and don't go around it the correct way, you have to hike back up to do it correctly; I just learned this too). He was a little bummed and thought he had lost his technique, so he took a few runs to figure what he had done wrong. He last run went perfect and he cleaned out everyone! He got the best overall time of the day, beating the fastest time by 3 seconds. Everyone could not believe that this Kevin Brower appeared out of nowhere. Kevin received 1st place in his age group, 21-29, and received 3rd place overall!

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