Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Camping with friends. And three babies.

We lucked out in the friend department.  We like our friends and they have boys the same age as Beck, how perfect is that?

We all wanted to try our hand at camping with the babies so went camping up American Fork Canyon (free camping y'all) and got the perfect little spot by the river (which was heaven sent, it was the perfect white noise to help Beck sleep that night).
Beck was still crawling at this point (he knew how to walk but was still not quite confident enough) so he was a MESS.  I gave up keeping him clean on the drive up the canyon.  I just knew he would get dirty and accepted it.  And dirty he got.  He loved it.

Beck was the last baby to go to sleep (10:45), and fell asleep in Kevin's arms at the fire.  When he was in bed and it was just us adults at the fire, I felt like I was a teenager with a newly extended curfew.  It was such a treat to just talk with our friends, outside, camping, around the fire eating s'mores.

The Max.

Our boys with their boys. And Beck's cheesy grin.
just chillin.
It was Kevin's 30th birthday on this trip, so we had to get a family picture.

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